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Review guidlines

Post by Tatsuya on Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:51 pm

Okay so while I get use to this bloody Teal. Here's the basic guidelines that I've cooked up.

Guidelines for reviews (general guidelines)

1. Each review must contain the following materials (at least)
A. General information (such as title, ep length if it is a TV show, year released)
B. If it’s a game, add on, genre
C. Basic story (minor to no big spoilers)
D. Main characters (keep it to four people)
E. General opinion on the show or the game play
F. Opening and Ending music opinion if it is an anime
G. General opinion on if it is good or not
2. You can incorporate a number scale but keep it no higher than 10, with only .5 increments at most.
3. Give a title for the review and your name
4. Make sure that it’s not incredibly long, two to three pages if fine, but if it goes past five then something is wrong.
5. Swearing is okay but keep it to a minimum, do not swear every other line like Revy from Black Lagoon.
6. Other than what I can think of right now. Anything goes, however if need be, I will add more guidelines

If you want me to add more guidelines PM me or bug me in the chat

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