Rules of the Roleplay

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Rules of the Roleplay

Post by Turret Slayer!!! on Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:45 pm

With the new RP starting up I feel it's appropriate for me to lay some ground rules for future RPs. Feel free to give your input on them.

Character/Story Rules:
1. People who sign in must be able to post regularly (at least once every other day) or at least inform others when they cannot post.

2. At least try to balance out your character. No overly powerful Sues/Stus.

3. When designing a character, make sure their story fits in with the established setting (ie. cyborgs in an old western setting probably won't go well).

4. If you can no longer participate, please inform one of the moderators.

Stage Rules:
1. No controlling other peoples character (unless that's your character's ability).

2. Keep personal issues with a member(s) out of the RP. If there is a problem it's between the members, not the characters.

3. As usual no overly obscene, inflammatory or derogatory posts.

Please inform me of any rules you disagree with or like to add.

Turret Slayer!!!
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RP Mod

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Re: Rules of the Roleplay

Post by Grunge Hamster on Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:24 pm

cool. all seems fair. but rule 3 doesnt apply to the rp battle right?

Grunge Hamster

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