Bad Apple Screensaver

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Bad Apple Screensaver

Post by Tatsuya on Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:23 pm

Disclaimer: I did not make this I only found this, and MaSu told me that it should go here, so if I get warned blame his ass.

Anyways a screensaver for the Touhou pv Bad Apple (even comes with the song which can be played in the background)

Download (150ish mb): Link
Pass: None

Here's what you got to do
1. Once done downloading you got to open the archive manually and then take everything out manually (don't right click and ask for it to take it out for ya, since it won't work).
2. Put the files into a folder and put them into a place you know they'll stay safe in
3. Open the folder and right click on the one that says BadApple and for an icon has half black and half white in a diagonal patter
4. Click configure
5 Under BGM click one underneath the destination place to the right
6. Selected the mp3 that is in the folder that you put the files into
7. On the left where it says stuff like Default and Biliniear, that is the section of the speed of the song, so if the song is ahead try changing that
8. Once that is done click okay to exit out
9. Right click the file again and than select Install (which should let you run the thing as a screensaver)

Troubleshooting: If the song doesn't work properly use this link which contains the song itself (once again no pass)


Also you might need to install .NET network 4 here's that link


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Re: Bad Apple Screensaver

Post by Grunge Hamster on Mon Dec 12, 2011 4:18 pm

this is cool.

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