Tron Legacy (A review from an eight year old)

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Tron Legacy (A review from an eight year old)

Post by Tatsuya on Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:31 pm

So I was browsing around and I stumble upon this review of Tron Legacy from an 8 eight old daughter of video game critic Ian Bogost. So here it is:

If you haven't seen Tron Legacy yet please for your own good don't go see it. Because if you did then you would almost definitely die of boredom. I guess if you like to sit and watch Boom! Boom! Boom! for two hours you can go see it. But my opinion is that a Dora the Explorer movie would be more interesting. The only part I liked was when they played "Separate Ways" by Journey.

Another dumb thing is that he was like 12 in 1989 and then he was supposedly 27 nowadays. I hope you get the picture, because all that you've read so far means that this movie is worse than Dora.

Now if you've already seen the movie and don't agree with me, then you probably have really bad taste. I mean, I told my mom it was ridiculous and she didn't disagree. By the end of it me and my mom both agreed that we should have bailed and gone to see Tangled instead.

Now I have to go because I scratched my ear with my pencil (by accident) and I think I got eraser in my eye. So see ya. (Or not.)

Here's the URL to the site the review is on if you are interested

So if anyone else saw the movie mind giving your own opinion.


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Re: Tron Legacy (A review from an eight year old)

Post by Arc on Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:12 pm

lol harsh.

I saw it... and it was disappointing. I had never seen the first one. Hell, I didnt know about the series until KH2. With an unbiased view, I gotta say that the movie (plot, characters and all) were mediocre.

My god, its a cyber world. They could have done more with it...

The only remotely exciting part was where Tron shows up for... that brief half minute.
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