Lyle Dayek/Mufasa Reviews: Point Lookout.

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Lyle Dayek/Mufasa Reviews: Point Lookout.

Post by RESSURECTED LYLE DAYEK on Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:30 pm

Overall, I’d say it’s not bad. Bethesda claimed that the main purpose of the new DLC was to recapture the explorative factor that the Capital Wasteland had. Since the previous DLCs had very small worlds, and a very linear story, they wanted to try something different with Point Lookout.

And I’d say they succeeded.

The world appears to be large, but it’s not actually THAT large. Probably as big as downtown DC. Horizontally from Anchorage Memorial to the Ranger Compound, and Vertically from Rivet City to Rock Creek Caverns.

Still, for DLC, that’s pretty big.

There weren’t many surprises this time around. Nothing as fancy as the Metal Blaster, save the Microwave blaster, but since that seems like it’s unrepairable, except by merchants, it’s luster will fade quickly.

That isn’t to say that the new weapons are something to scaff at. They’re certainly a relief from the energy and big weapons that Broken Steel was so fond of and shoved down our throats.

But I’d have to say that despite the great exploratory factor and various new quests, and despite the new weapons and story, the best part about the DLC are the new Perks.

Bethesda seem to have noticed that A. The new perks for Broken Steel were a load of shit, and B. The new enemies they added are severely broken. (Though we should have guessed from the title of the DLC) So they added a perk: Superior Defender, that raises your defense by 10 points (up to the 85% max) and more importantly, raises your attack by 5 points! So, a gun like “The Terrible Shotgun” Which used to do 80 damage per shot, now does 85 damage per shot.

But that’s not all. Bethesda realized that the Reavers in particular were broken. So what do they do? They add ANOTHER perk that raises your attack against ghouls specifically.

So all in all, against Reavers, you get a +10 Damage bonus to any gun. And that’s factored into the multiplicative effect that criticals have. I’ll let you do the math.

So all in all, I’d have to say that Point Lookout has my approval. It’s not spectacular, but it’s certainly worth getting. If only to make your character even better for when we wait to be abducted.

*Waits for Mothership Zeta.*



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