Notes on Music

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Notes on Music

Post by Grunge Hamster on Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:52 pm

Music is pretty big with everyone, and like any art form it can say a lot, and I'm sure there's also a lot that can be said about it. This topic is for posting about music in the context of life. I think it would be nice to hear about music and what it means to us as individuals as well as a society. It's also a good opportunity to swap samples of pieces that have we've found to have significant meaning to us. Who says you can't have an intelligent conversation about the arts on the internet?

I'd like to start things off with two basic questions/topics.

1) What are your opinions and experiences with the so called "decline" in music of artistic value? How much of it is nostalgia? How much of it is has to do with social progress/degeneration?

2) Why do dead artists sound "better"? What is it about an artist that is "taken before their time" that makes what they have to say more meaningful? Are some of them just that good or is something else at work?

Or you could talk about another topic in music or simply post a work that has meaning to you and why.

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Re: Notes on Music

Post by Kilvas on Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:07 pm

I believe 'dead' artists sound better because that was back with music was more original. Artists stood out more. The music industry is just crap nowadays. You've got tons of singing competitions on TV, Disney tries to grab random tweens and make them music and TV stars, Nick has too as of recently too.

They're trying to recuit too many singers and bands into the music industry, most of it's become tasteless. You really have to stand out in order to be remembered. Like Lady gaga, sure I don't like all of her music, some of it's okay, but it's because she kinda..i guess 'broke the mold'. I wont say she's completely original though. coughmadonnacough.

There are too many blonde county girls who play guitars, too many teen pop stars singing about partying, sex, and the like, too many 'singers' with their voiced sythesized beyond recognition, It's all just gotten generic

End rant.


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