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Killcorp. RP

Post by The Monkey King on Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:17 pm

Short version, pretty much a plot as we go rp with original characters.

Long version,
You can post a character with a bio. Pretty much you can have abilities i.e. weapons specialist, control over elements, pyschokinesis, laser eyes, whatever you want. But with a limit of five abilities. When you choose your abilities there should be a reason why you have your ability. It doesn't have to be realistic but it has to be either explainable or hilarious. Others will be the judge if your reasoning is too outlandish or just plain dumb. There will be space travel and traveling to worlds. I can create all of the worlds, but if you want to submit something just post it here. However since there will be Space travel, you will also get Three Abilities to use in the ship. Pretty much out of battle or space Abilities to use for crafting or for space combat. Some examples, Navigation, Pilot, Smith, Herbalist. Same rules apply to these abilities. You may also choose a title or Codename. Also post any weapons you carry with you usually. You can also leave blank slots so you can learn abilities later from teammates or from the plot.

Also, When you attempt something weird or epic or not just a normal attack or something of the sorts you need to roll for it. Pretty much this is a rule that has applied to Catbread's RPG. wherein you roll a ten sided die, and depending on your roll, you're successful or not. If you land a 1 you fail epicly and it can be terrible what can happen to you. On the other side of the spectrum you can land a 10 and epicly succeed and it will pretty much super power whatever you attempted to do. For example, Let's say you were like 'I'M GONNA BE A GOKU AND KAMEHAMEHA THIS SLUT' Since you are doing a move you most likely don't have an ability for you'll have a low chance of success. an 8 or 9 would let it go through. anything lower would simply fail. a ten or crit would let you go super saiyan and then your kamehameha would get super powered. a 1 will make you attempt fail epicly, You didn't listen to king kai and went Kaio-Ken X10 your body can't handle it and explodes, You're in need of a rez or must wait for revival at the HellFyre.

There will be fighting and such and again, unless your trying something epic and your not targeting another player, it's gonna go through pretty much without fail. If you target another person then that person can dodge/block etc. Rolls would decide if said dodge or block would succeed. certain abilities can add to these rolls as well. For example if someone (Like arc since he posted someone already) has agility and I were to target him with an attack he would get a plus 3 to a dodge since he's super fast. If I were to just use a punch i wouldn't get any bonuses, but if i were to use a sword then i would get a plus 2 to accuracy since i'm a swordsman. If his roll is higher than mine he dodges, if he crits he may counter attack. This also brings up another point. Abilities will give you bonuses on certain rolls. You can also have specialized effects but that means if you trying something out of your specialization you'll get a penalty. I will give examples with my OC Below the initial plot. You cannot earn a crit with a bonus, however a higher number will give a better result. Crits will also ignore any negatives and immediately give you success plus the crit. You can be pushed into an epic fail with penalties. However if you have bonuses you cannot epic fail. If you don't want to have any specializations/don't want to deal with the bonuses, I'll fix em up for you no problem. Health and dying is another thing. There won't be an official stat for health but if your really cut up, bleeding out of multiple holes, your missing more than a couple of limbs, your guts are outside of your body, he punched out ALL your blood etc. you ain't gonna make it or can't fight anymore. and when you die you don't stay dead. You either respawn at the HellFyre and can't get back down to continue the mission. OR you can get Resurrected by someone in the group that can handle that.

Missions, worlds, and space travel. We're just gonna start with three different earths. In the world of KillCorp. Earth has many parallels and they're just organized into numbers. Each world has it's own mission to do. Terra-1504Z, A post-apocalyptic world rampant with zombies, A dying planet that only has a single colony of survivors at this point. They are to be rescued and the planet is to be quarantined right after. Terra-14 a Medieval era Earth with monsters and magic. The magicians of the planet foretold of a great calamity that was to pass very soon. Either stop the Calamity or save as many people as we can. and Terra-4032, A futuristic Earth that has discovered how to make humans into cyborgs. A single man threatens to control everything through the persons cybernetic parts. Arrest or kill this man. Make sure his work is destroyed as well. We may choose to do any of them. It's up to us what we do. If someone else wants to submit their idea for a planet go right ahead. If you don't have a mission for it I can make one for it as well. Now for space travel, If we don't want to do this I can omit it but I think it's a pretty cool idea. When we travel there's a chance we bump into something or someone. Random events would include but aren't limited to, Bandit fleets, Trade Ships, Enemy fleets (If we piss off another group), Bumping into a space station, Bumping into wreckage of another ship, Discovering a planet. We will start with just the HellFyre in our fleet and it's a Cruiser class spaceship primarily used for fighting other ships. It carries a small amount of fighters and is the only one in it's class that does so. So if we get into a fight we can either man the turrets, get into a fighter, man the big artillery or actually pilot the HellFyre. Navigation could also attempt to find a way out or something like that. You would need to roll for destruction of enemy ships, targeting specific things like their communications or infiltration for sabotage. And if we could also do stuff like jump on their ship and start fighting them on their ship hand to hand, and potentially steal their ship/plunder it.

Ok now it's later I'm posting the initial plot.
A small tv is in front of you in a small room "Welcome to KillCorp. [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE] Thanks for enrolling yourself to our great employment system! You will be assigned to the HellFyre Sector, or more commonly referred to as, Sect." You hear another voice outside, "NAH NAH NAH IF THEY'RE JOINING MY SECT WHOEVER'S IN THERE IS GETTING THE PERSONAL TREATMENT." A door is kicked wide open and a man with blue hair and small blue spectacle's jumped in and kicked the TV in. "FUCK THAT EMPLOYMENT VIDEO! WE MAY BE IN THE BUSINESS OF KICKING ASS BUT WE AIN'T NO FAST FOOD JOINT" He shouted out at someone outside, He walked back out and grabbed a chair and sits down in front of you, "SuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUP. Welcome to KillCorp. I'm Satoshi, Codenamed, Deathreapr. I'm your new boss! Since you'll be joining us at The HellFyre Sect." He laughed, "We here at KillCorp. are a Merc group that help out those that can pay and those that need it. You have been selected to join us here cause either two reasons. A. Your Resume was awesome and we need someone like you. Or B. We're really fucking desperate. Most likely B but we'll see how that goes." He turned to the outside, "What?" Some lady outside said, "They're saying you're being too blunt you need to-" He cut her off, "I don't need to do anything YOU need to tell those guys that their methods suck and it makes the new people really squishy." He turned back to look at you, "Pretty much here on our Sect's Flagship the HellFyre we'll be traveling to different worlds, completing missions that we choose to take. I say WE cause yes, YOU, get a say in what we do. You're not just doing what the boss says and following orders like a little bitch. Got it?" He got up, "Now collect your things and get the fuck ready we're leaving soon and anyone that isn't on the ship gets left behind."
Also My OC:
Satoshi Codenamed: Deathreapr
Bio: The youngest KillCorp. Employee to acquire a Sector and earn a spot on the KillCorp. Council. He is the Leader of The HellFyre Sect and is currently at KillCorp. to recruit his new crew. He get's excited easily and tends to be a bit reckless when it comes to fights. He has blue hair and blue glasses at all times. Even though he tends to be a bit blunt and isn't light with his words. He has a good heart and always tries to help others when he can.
Water Control I.E. First aid, Magic, General Bending. (Born with ability, Refined it with training by the Leader of the Water Sect of KillCorp.) +3 to first aid with water, +1 to normal healing, -3 to epic healing I.E. Resurrections, Killing blows, Broken bones. +2 to water rolls.
Darkness Magic I.E. Light illusions, Blinding, General Magic. (Born with ability, Trained himself) +1 to dark rolls, +3 to small illusion attempts and -3 to big ones.
Psychokinesis (Learned at a young age. Isn't very good at it without his Scythe that amplifies his power) +2 to attacks used with his Scythe with PsychoKinesis, -2 to attacks that don't. +2 to not so precise/light psychokinesis, -4 to precise/heavy psychokinesis.
Swordsman (Trained since young to try to become the strongest there ever was) +2 to sword use
Gunner (Found out that bringing a knife to a gun fight isn't the best strategy and decided to undergo KillCorp.'s Extensive Gun Training, He Failed when it came to explosives though.) + 3 to shotguns and pistols, +2 to snipers, +1 to assault rifles, +3 to turrets that aren't rocket launchers, -5 to rocket launchers, -5 to Grenade Launchers.
Out of combat/Ship Abilities:
Navigator (First thing learned when he acquired the HellFyre cause he hated taking someone's word for it when it came to Directions) +2 to finding shortcuts, +2 to finding secret locations, +2 to finding an escape route, +2 to sense of direction.
Weapon Modder (He Loved tinkering with his weapons since young) +2 to adding stuff to weapons, -2 to creating weapons, +2 to changing mods on weapons, +4 to tinkering with weapons (adding a random bonus).
Pilot (Learned to fly when he first joined KillCorp. Needed to so he could get off his home planet) +2 to flying anything that can fly, +2 to fighting in ships, +2 to fighting with ships.
Weapons: Twin Pistols, His Double Scythe, And J the blade.

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Re: Killcorp. RP

Post by Arc on Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:38 pm

Hmm ill bite.

How bout:

Chaos, a three foot demon imp covered in fur. Has wings, a tail and fangs.

Powers include
Flight (because he has wings duh)
Magic Lightning (he's a demon)
Incredible Agility (he's small)
Power of Suggestion (he's intelligent and can push people's buttons/manipulate them)
Can Play a Base Guitar (but he only knows 3 chords*)

*= Which is more than enough for your average song nowadays.
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Re: Killcorp. RP

Post by Rise: The Game on Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:56 pm

At work so cant post too much. I'm in and obviously my chara is gonna be Masu. Plaaaaaccceee holderrrrrr

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Re: Killcorp. RP

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