Devil Survivor 2 Break Record

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Devil Survivor 2 Break Record

Post by Rise: The Game on Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:26 am

So yeah DS2 is getting a 3DS version like 1 did. Oh also it got an anime. Why? Cause its fucking incredible. Its getting what 1 overclocked got obviously (upgraded visuals/fully voiced) Apparently a new scenario and character(s) will be added. Thats a step up from 1 already (on top of the already tons of step ups from 1 2 had already.), including

FEMALE YAMATO ( Possibly named Miyako). no im not kidding. Its probably just his sister or something.

No US release date or announcement yet, this summer for japan. But atlus likes our money, and they know we eat up their Shin megami tensei stuff so following how original 2 went, we'll be getting this early 2014 (Jan or Feb), if we're lucky late 2013.

Edit: Apparently (this is pure speculation amongst some fans right now so take it with a grain of salt.) its possible that this female Yamato is

a replacement for Yamato in the new scenario which may be based off of a version of Daichi's route if the restoration of Japan went wrong and things just kinda started over, but with different people/happenings. some of the characters retain some memory of the first playthrough pretty much. Otome is saying "Theres never been any person by the name of Yamato Houstin with GPS" in the above screenshot. That or shes just there to replace the guy in case he kicked the bucket or something. Also this:

Io is pretty much saying "That monster that just came from the Sky Tower....thats a Septentrione??"

I don't think they knew what those even were on Sunday. Idk. Fuck.

Its been said that the new Scenario is near the length of a full RPG, so i'd say expect it to be about half to 3/4ths as long as the original story. Thats pretty cool.

Oh fully voiced? This means the Kama scene with Airi will be voiced. Yes. Oh my god yes.

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Re: Devil Survivor 2 Break Record

Post by RESSURECTED LYLE DAYEK on Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:56 pm


I heard a rumor about this, but I didn't want to get my hopes up in fear of it being a lie.

I have reason to live again.

Also, female Yamato is pretty hot. XD



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