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Tales RP Guidebook

Post by Grunge Hamster on Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:45 pm

Here's the "Big Post". Everything posted here is considered the final version. Please use the other two topics for planning purposes. Creativity is encouraged, but if its not here it's probably not canon yet, so use this topic as your first reference before introducing new elements into the history of the RP.

I. History and Culture
  A. Timeline
  B. Fortunica
  C. Ferridan
  D. Grados
II. Physics and Mechanics
  A. Magical Climates
  B. Anima and Elements
  C. Spirits
  D. Magic
  E. Magitechnology


The world of Fortunica has a very rich and complex society based around hair color and the elemental Spirits. Society is divided into several castes with specified roles. The most prestigious of the noble families is the Maxwell family, who can commune with all four great elemental Spirits, Efreet, Slyph, Gnome, and Undine. Though they are revered as deities, the Maxwells are, for the most part, figureheads and most of Fortunica is controlled by the various noble families. There are strict rules for intermarriage among these families in order to produce Duals, mages who can commune with the hybrid elements of Lightning(fire+wind) and Ice(water+earth). While Noble Duals are high up in the caste system mixing the blood of mages of different elements is not to be done lightly. "Mixed-breeds" that aren't part of specific noble families are considered a threat to social order and are stigmatized or ignored and pushed to the edges of society. Most non-lightning/ice "mixed-breeds" hide one side of their heritage and live peacefully within one of the lower mage castes. At the bottom of the system are the "Empty" or non magical castes. They perform most of the menial labor on Fortunica, and are watched very closely for any signs of insurrection or insubordination. Any signs of trouble from an Empty or mixed-breed are treated harshly, usually ending in banishment. This poor treatment of anyone who threatens the caste system is very old and steeped in history. Many centuries ago a group of dissatisfied Empties formed an insurrection and broke off from the rest of Fortunican society. Though the society of Empties has remained peaceful since the initial revolt, tensions remain and the Nobles are quick to remove anyone or thing which goes against the traditional way of doing things.

After the last Priestess of Arden, Karias, entered into hibernation, there was a shift in the traditions of Ferridian society. Three separate tribes each led by a Chieftain developed on the three island continents of Roggrasha, Kaigor, and Grealland. Each Chieftain has their own belief system and way of doing things. Recently, however, the new Chieftain of Roggrasha, Shersa Curell from Fortunica, has reestablished a connection with Arden, and there has been a resurgence of spirituality on the island. The three judges are as follows:
Shersa Curell- Chieftain Of Deities (Roggrasha)
Wendel Van Gallios- Chieftain of Great Authority(Kaigor)
Vygris Norgrum- Chieftain of Instinct and Power(Grealland)

Bacon'N'grits wrote:Update to Ferridan!

The people on Ferridan can be easily distinguished from the countries and worlds. For Example. Ferridans are seen wearing these outfits. There are specific outifts to tell which Ferridan is from which Village however in case of needed details. Although, people from Grealland have known to be a bit burly than most people on Ferridan, including women. Grealland shows their people have strength and like to reveal their bodies a bit more. People of Kaigor are kind but extremely wary people when it comes to suspicious activities or something of the unknown occurring. Roggrashans can be kind but are bit stuck up compared to other areas of Ferridan. You can say that out of the 3, Roggrasha is the most modernized of the 3, Grealland is more of the forest-like sorta how Ferridan was originally except not completely Jungle, and Kaigor is a mixture of the 2 but has a little more of the Jungle area.

General outfits

Though there are some differences between tribes, Ferridians are much larger and more muscular than inhabitants of the other two worlds. On average they are between 6 and 8 feet tall and very powerful.
Bacon'N'grits wrote:Ferridans are slightly darker than most. Think of the color caramel and slightly darker beige color for most people. Light skinned people are a rare site to see on Ferridan mostly because people still either fear or ignore Ferridan. Each person is different upon which village they are from as well. Roggrashans are the lightest of their skin tones while the other two are darker.

*Black or Dark gray hair mostly for Women and Men
*Thin almond eyes,with small Iris and tend to be either green, dark blue, or grey eye color
*Heights vary between 5'7 to 5'10
*Caramel skin-tone
*Mesomorph, Endomorph, and Ectomorph body types for men, Hourglass, pear, and tube bodies for women, Toned and slightly toned bodies

*Dark blue or brown hair
*Hooded eyes, big iris and dark purple, black and light yellow eyes
*Heights vary between 5'10 and 5'11
*Wheat skin tone
*Ectomorph and Mesomorph types for men, Tube and Houglass shaped women, slightly toned bodies

*Light brown, dirty blonde, or pitch black hair
*Rounded-Almond eye, Droopy Almond eyes,  big iris, Light blue or Hazel eyes.
*Heights vary between 6'0 to 6'4
*Fallow skin tone
*Mesomorph and Endomorph body types for men, Apple body types for women, Veryyy toned and ripped bodies

Body types

Women body types


Eye types

There are many countries and cultures on Grados, all of them unique with their own history.

On the continent of Erepus, there are three major powers:  the Veilstrum Empire, the Country of Etelia and the allied nations of Rahkskil and Ukrisia.  
Veilstrum is the largest country in Erepus. It is ruled by Emperor Tiedrich Edelritt, a ruthless man who believes in strength, be it military, political, economic or scientific, and its importance in shaping the world.  His military, and its Six Imperial Generals, are thought to be the epitome of his philosophy, and is one of the most feared armies in Grados.

Etelia lies directly south of Veilstrum.  It is a republic that values culture and artistry as well as science and technology.  A common saying amongst Gradosins is: “For strength, look to Rahkskil.  For ingenuity, Etelia.  For dominance, Veilstrum.”  While Etalia’s military may not be as well trained as others, their advancements in Lachryma technology allow them to be a force on par with that of Veilstrum.

Rakskil and Ukrisia are at the northernmost region of Erepus, known as the Easerlands.  The Easerlands is a land known for its harsh arctic climates.  In such terrains, it’s difficult for even Veilstrum’s army to fight at full strength.  Having grown up in such an environment, Rahskilis and Ukrisians are accustomed to cold weather and conditions, thus granting them advantages in arctic warfare.  While the two nations have been known to skirmish from time to time, if there is word that the Easerlands are threatened, they will quickly put aside their differences.

South of Ereupus across the Bresmer Sea is the Continent of Oriens. The largest country on Oriens is called Di Yu:

Grunge Hamster wrote:The country of Di Yu:

Many years ago a man who called himself Yanluowang appeared in world of Grados. He possessed a mysterious power which allowed him to control fire and wind, and because of this, the people of Grados called him the Phoenix. Under the banner of the Phoenix, Yanluowang amassed a great army that marched across the land reducing all in their wake to ash. But the inhabitants of Grados did not allow their homes to burn easily, and during the long and terrible war that followed both sides were brought to the brink of total annihilation.  In exchange for peace, Yanluowang was given the all the land his armies had burned. The great Phoenix, his strange powers exhausted by the war, was reduced to an old Crow, his once mighty wings stained black by the soot of conflict. However, from the ashes of the scorched lands a prosperous new country arose...

Culture and Resources
The name of the game in Di Yu is “merit.” Nothing is inherited only earned. Even among the royal descendants of Yanluowang, one’s status is determined by personal ability (though royals do have the advantage of upbringing and in many cases natural talent). All government positions with the exception of Qinguangwáng and Zhuanlunwáng are determined by royal examination and anyone may test for any position from minor official to Wáng of an entire province. A large country, Di Yu’s traditions and culture is varied, but overall remains very spiritual in comparison to the rest of Grados, and in some ways more similar to the world of Fortunica. Though real spirits do not actually dwell on the world of Grados there is a strong tradition in Di Yu of asking one’s late ancestors for help and guidance. Family lineage is almost as important as personal merit, and many times untalented individuals are disowned in order to maintain the merit of the entire family. While some countries on Grados suffer from a shortage of Lachryma this is less of an issue in Di Yu, as the country’s traditions and spirituality have led them focus on developing technologies which either do not rely on Anima or which draw it directly from the environment to extend the usability of existing Lachryma. A common technique among Di Yu warriors is to implant Lachryma directly into the body of a person to create a “living spirit”. This allows them to draw Anima from the environment at the cost of draining one’s life force especially when they find themselves in an area with a low concentration of Anima. In order to stay some of the effects of implanted lachryma there has also been a rapid development of medicine in Di Yu, and many people who do not use lachryma in this manner enjoy relatively long lives.

Provinces and the Ten Wáng
Di Yu is divided into 8 provinces each of which is ruled by a King or Wáng. There is also the specially appointed Zhuanlunwáng who has power equal to the 8 provincial Kings but does not preside over a particular area. Instead the Zhuanlunwáng is a wanderer who maintains the balance of relationships between each of the provinces and also serves as ambassador between Di Yu and the rest of Grados. Both the Zhuanlunwáng and the 8 other Wáng directly serve under the Qinguangwáng or Emperor. While the other offices may be held by anyone deemed worthy the position of Emperor is reserved only for direct descendants of Yanluowang.
The ten Wáng and the eight provinces are as follows:

Qinguangwáng Jiǎng: born Jiǎng Zǐwén, he is the current Emperor of Di Yu and descendant of Yanluowang. He resides in Youdu City which is not part of any province. While his father and grand-father before him built up the prosperity Di Yu on peaceful terms with the surrounding nations of Grados, Wáng Jiǎng is not as diplomatic and in fact has very little interest in politics leaving much of Di Yu’s internal policy to the other Wáng. Instead he is an extremely adept warrior and tactician and has recently resumed his ancestor's conquering mission by invading the smaller nations surrounding Di Yu. While he is infamous for being undefeated in combat he also has a reputation as a voracious womanizer and drinker. A man of many wives and even more offspring, the house of Jiang is large and complex.

Zhuanlunwáng Xue: The mysterious and ancient Xue is the first person to ever hold the title of Wáng, a title given to him at the age of 17 by Yanluowang himself when Di Yu was first founded. This wizened old man has been advisor to the Yanluowang line for over two centuries and has remained alive through unknown means. Privy to every secret within Di Yu and many secrets outside of it, he wanders around Di Yu with his select group of High Priests the Wū dú mùshī subtly influencing the flow of history.

The Eight Provinces are:

Yì Lián- The smallest province but also the center of medicinal research in Di Yu. Many new technologies and medical techniques have been produced here. Of all the Provinces it is also the least traditional and there is a growing call among the people of this province for the modernization of Lachyrma-based technology in Di Yu like the other Gradosian nations.
Ruled by: Xiāngděngwáng Lu

Jiārè Bō-
Ruled by: Dushiwang Huang

Lán huǒ lián-
Ruled by: Taishanwang Dong

Jiān jiào hǔ-
Ruled by: Bianchengwang Bi

Huò huò pó- Best place for tourists/travelers in Di Yu. Be sure to try the soup and visit the hot springs.
Ruled by: Yāowáng Bao

Pòsuì lěng-
Ruled by: Wuguanwang Long

Hēi xiàn-
Ruled by: Songdiwang Yu

Xī sù fùsū-
Ruled by: Chujiangwang Yi

Magical Climates:


Life on the three worlds is supported by each planet's core energy or "Anima." All life requires Anima in order to grow and thrive, and in turn a planet that is rich in life replenishes its Anima more readily. Life begets life, but it is a delicate cycle. Too little Anima and the planet's life cannot maintain itself. Too much Anima and life becomes cancerous, growing out of control. The three worlds possess different levels of Anima, and the inhabitants of each world have developed differently because of it.

In terms of raw Anima consumption and replenishment, Fortunica is the most balanced of the three worlds. (However the individual elements that make up the world's surface have long been out of balance, so the levels are not ideal.)
Fortunicans enjoy average length of life, about 70 to 80 years. The amount of Anima on the surface is usually consistent, so while Fortunicans possess decent magic resistance, many are overly sensitive to rapid changes in Anima levels, taking a long time to readjust.
On Fortunica, Ferridians suffer no ill effects, and since almost all Ferridians do not use magic, they are rarely sensitive to the change in Anima level.
Gradosians are used to a wide range of Anima concentrations, and prolonged exposure to the consistent levels on Fortunica often causes fatigue in those without extensive magical training.

The world of Grados has varying levels of Anima scattered across its surface, and in recent generations the overall levels have been waning. Reflected in the volatility of their environment, the average  lifespan of a Gradosian is also varied. Some die inexplicably from natural causes as early as 30, while others can live almost indefinitely through the use of medical magitech. Both over-exposure and Anima deprivation are common ailments on Grados, and as such, Gradosians possess the most advanced techniques for dealing with different Anima levels.
Depending on the type of life a Gradosian lives, they can be quite resilient to rapid changes in Anima, though most have very little magic resistance.
A Fortunican on Grados will become sensitive to the initial drop in Anima, as well as the constant fluctuations which causes headaches. Usually they will not suffer from more acute Anima sickness, but magic users will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to cast spells due to the constant changes. A Spirit familiar can aid in stabilizing casting, but this taxes the Spirit's own energies.
Ferridians, while usually oblivious to changes in Anima can still sense the extreme difference between Grados and their homeworld. Prolonged periods of stay can result in eventual loss of a Ferridian's normal superhuman strength.

Ferridan is overflowing with Anima, and as such is teeming with life. Millions of species and massive verdant jungles spread across the surface. Gigantism is common among animal species and even Ferridian humans tend to tower over other-worlders. Implementation of magic and magic-tech is a foreign concept and was nearly non-existant two generations ago. The Ferridians have a tradition of adorning themselves with tattoos with ink made from powdered naturally occurring Lachryma. It is believed these tattoos help one harmonize with nature, but other than primitive superstitions like this, the Ferridians possess nothing resembling magic of their own. Instead they have enormous strength, and their constant exposure to the planets rich Anima means they can shrug of most types of magic.
Ferridians have relatively short lifespans of about 40-50 years, however they mature quickly and do not age. A senior Ferridian remains just as strong as s/he was when young.
Both Gradosians and Fortunicans tend to find the Anima levels on Ferridan to be overwhelming. Even the most resilient Gradosian will be completely incapacitated for a few days at least.
Fortunicans take longer to adjust, but have somewhat milder symptoms, usually including lethargy and an inability to focus. Magic users can easily lose control of their spells as the increased Anima super-charges magic.

Anima and Elements:
"Mana", "The Fifth Fundamental Force", "Anima", regardless of what it is called, life on the three worlds is supported by each planet's core energy. All life requires this energy in order to grow and thrive, and in turn a planet that is rich in life replenishes its Anima more readily. Life begets life, but it is a delicate cycle. Too little Anima and the planet's life cannot maintain itself. Too much Anima and life becomes cancerous, growing out of control.
A planet's core releases pure life energy as Anima, but it rarely stays in this unadulterated form for long. As Anima comes in to contact with various forces, it takes on the properties of the individual elements which make up the world: earth, fire, wind, water, ice, lighting, shadow, and light. These elements gather together and propagate in various concentrations to form the different types of life and different biomes of a planet.

When any form of life comes to an end, it releases what can be described as a residual psychic  imprint of its existence. The intensity of this imprint varies with the type of plant or creature it is released from, and each imprint resonates with different elemental types of Anima. When enough imprints resonate with enough corresponding Anima, an aggregate consciousness called a “Spirit” forms. These beings of pure Anima and consciousness freely interact with Anima, coaxing it into the elemental forms that they resonate with and generally protecting the biomes they and their elements belong to. While most smaller spirits only possess limited intelligence and are invisible to the naked eye, larger, more powerful spirits can become sentient and manifest on the physical plane as they choose. In extremely rare cases, a particularly strong willed human will release an equally powerful psychic imprint. This imprint maintains all the memories of its previous life and will assume full control over whichever aggregate consciousness it becomes a part of. Conversely, the imprint of a weaker willed life will be overwhelmed by the other members of the aggregate consciousness and the spirit will become a wild and/or emotional creature made of many minds.

Besides being the driving force behind life on the three worlds, Anima takes a variety of forms and can be used for a variety of purposes. The three worlds each possess unique ways of harnessing the power of Anima.

Of the three worlds, Ferridan does not possess anything that can be classified as true magic. However, the Ferridian’s unique physiology allows them to tap into ambient Anima in order to boost their physical attributes to superhuman levels. This innate ability is further enhanced by some Ferridian tribes through the use of special tattoos.

Fortunicans have a long tradition of Magic. Through various rituals, talismans, and incantations, Fortunican Mages invoke the Spirits of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. As long as there is enough ambient Anima, the Spirits can manifest as “Elementals” to perform various tasks. Due to the esoteric and complex nature of this type of magic, only members of certain bloodlines can invoke the Spirits.

Grados employs the most complicated and varied techniques in harnessing Anima. For whatever reasons, aggregate consciousnesses do not coalesce on Grados and the world has no nature Spirits. When a large amount of Anima gathers in one place without resonating with a particular element, it forms crystals called “Lachryma Mundi” (literally “tears of the world”). These crystals are Anima in solid form and can be used in many ways. Artificial Lachryma can be made and/or imbued with specific elements using magitechnology, but it is a difficult process requiring a large amount of resources, so most lachryma is non-elemental in nature. The main (and in most cases only) source of Anima manipulation on Grados comes in the form of Lachryma based Magitechnology.

Magitech comes in many forms and performs many different functions, but all devices, from multi-function household “Dispensers” to weapons-grade military “Launchers”,  require three things in order to work: (1)Anima (either from the surrounding atmosphere or a Lachryma power cell), (2)Lachryma circuitry, and an (3)Output Module. Lachryma circuits filter and program Anima, which is then released from the Output module in the form of a spell. Because Lachryma is made of Anima, it can be used as the power source of a device, however, it is more valuable as part of the filtering circuitry. As such, the best/most efficient devices are capable of drawing Anima from the atmosphere, only relying on internal Lachryma as a back-up.

The non-elemental properties of Lachryma, mean that Gradosian magic focus more on manipulating the state of existing matter, rather than conjuring Elementals to perform tasks. “Modern Magic” as it is sometimes called, is divided into categories depending on how the matter is affected. There are 4 categories (w/2 subcategories each) of common physical magic: Speed and Weight, Movement and Vibration, Convergence and Diffusion, and Absorption and Emission.
All other non-physical magic is categorized as “Exceptions”. Exceptions include things like Anima manipulation, mind reading, or technologies which try to emulate/recreate Fortunican Elementals.  This fifth category of Magitech is relatively new and quite rare, only being available among certain researchers or military personnel.

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Re: Tales RP Guidebook

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Meet your fellow party members folks:

From Fortunica:
Leo Maxwell:

Hair: Short dark blue hair, with a fringe over his left eye.
Eyes: Red and Green, usually with a gleaming hopeful look in them. Wears small square shaped glasses.
Skin tone: Tanned. Has a star shaped mark on the underside of his left arm.
Clothes: Tan shorts with a red undershirt. Wears tan sneakers. He has a  blue cloak that just falls short of passing the legs on his shorts. Wears a green necklace.
Build: Average build, as he doesn't do much physical activity. He's about 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Weapon/Fighting Style:Has a tome containing spells passed down from his ancestors, but mainly fights wielding the four spirits in weapon form. Undine forms a trident which focuses heavily on magic casting, Efreet forms flame gauntlets which focus on raw power, Sylph enhances his cloak to enhance his mobility. levitation and flight are possible, but require great focus and amounts of spiritual energy.  Gnome takes the form of a great shield, rendering Leo unable to fight, instead he can provide cover for others.  He cannot wield Sylph and Gnome together, as Gnome's heaviness cancels out Sylph's speed enhancements.

Origin:Grandall: The Grand Capital of Spirits

Likes: Cheesecake, Spirits, Rain, Learning anything about any of the worlds, kind people, staying on task, Miriam
Dislikes:Hatred, Smoke, People who expect something for nothing, Death, waking up, deceit

Bio:Leo is the current keeper of the four great spirits of Fortunica. Being brought up by his mother Miriam Fides, who hailed from a noble family of pure Undine blood and great importance to the Magic Academy. Due to the strong amount of Undine-type spiritual energy he received from his parents, his hair is dark blue like a typical Undine on Fortunica. He has a star shaped mark on the bottom of his left arm, which he sometimes hides to make it easier to interact with commoners if hes out on an errand or shopping, due to them tending to instantly do nothing but praise and speak highly of Leo and his family's doings when his identity is revealed. Due to his high interest of reading, and the fact that magic ties in with the history of his world so strongly, hes an extremely adept magic user even without help from the four great spirits. Leo has a few friends he associates with, but he hasn't seen them in a while ever since being pulled from his normal classes with the other children into a "Special Curriculum" at the age of twelve to begin his preparation of inheriting the four spirits by his 15th birthday.

Outside of studying and such, Leo tends to use his free time from work and studying to put on magic shows with the four great spirits in the town square. Initially he was scolded for this by his Mother and Lady Louise Aurannis for what seemed to be an eternity, until Leo convinced them that his doing this was to ensure to the people that everything is still right in the world by telling them "If I have time to please and entertain the town, then they can feel at peace knowing the Maxwells have a good amount of freetime to live as they please too". After turning sixteen though, his freetime vanished completely, because hes being tasked with the most important job in the world. Retrieve the Aurium material that befalls the world when the world needs it the most, as it contains miraculous amounts of Magic and Spiritual energy of which can replenish the entire world and ensure spiritual stability. Its location is unknown, only rumored to be on the "Dark Side" of Fortunica known as Derlumica, a place that with normal circumstances, no one is allowed to travel into due to unknown dangers. After being introduced to Cleric Cecilla Falcouth, Leo prepares himself for the start of what will be a journey he never imagined he'd be on.

-"This world and its people have given me so much in such a short time, its time I start returning the favor!"

Vocal Shticks/Physical Gestures:
- He has a hard time pronouncing "Fire" correctly due it being the first spell he learned as a child. He was so excited to start casting magic that he pronounced Fire "Phi-your" instead. Watch out for his Fieyour
- "I suppose." He tends to start or end a great amount of his sentences with this.
- He tugs at his hair when he is nervous
- He tends to slowly sway back and forth to the side when holding conversations.

Lynna Arvento:

Age: 19
Hair Color and Style: TBD
Eye color: TBD
Skin tone: Dark tan
Outfit: *will be posted with art*
Weapon and fighting style: Nearly entirely water and wind magic, spins her Sae-jin-gun (three section staff) to generate water magic; although she finds herself using wind magic... Other than spells, she only really uses the staff as self-defense, rather than attacking.
Origin: Fortunica (birth city TBD)
Likes: The sky and clouds, berries, folk music, rain, healing,
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, lightning, spicy foods, arrogant people, show-offs.
Personality: Soft-spoken, overly-considerate, tends to talk randomly, forgetting people can hear her. Sometimes she changes, acting quiet and rude, and keeping to herself.
Short bio: From an Undine mother and Sylph father, she and her twin sister Aira were born duals. The lived out of major cities, instead residing in small outskirts and villages accross Fortunica, travelling often. Lynna and her sister soon found their knack and liking for spells and the like at a young age. This worried their parents.  And they soon grew overwhelmed by the worry and guilt of society given to them by cross-breeding spirits; they split, leaving their children behind one night as they rested in a tent out in the woods. The girls soon realized they were on their own, Lynna and Aira were polor opposites, but they were all they had. Over the next couple years, the girls struggled around the continent. Still a child, Lynna picked up defensive magic to protect her and her sister. Soon after, Aira was overcome by unknown ailments, soon passing away. Since then, Lynna hasn't quite acted the same...
Cecilla Falcouth:

Age: 23
Hair Color: Light Blue
Eye Color: Bright-blue green eyes
Skin tone: Cream

Weapon and fighting style: Allegrias Sallorium (Book of Healing and magic)Sorceress of Healing, Water, Earth and Ice magic
Origin: Grandelessia- Fortunica
Likes: Magic, Moons, Snow, Medicine
Dislikes: Greed, Hurting loved ones, Silent treatments
Personality: Nurturing, calm, easily excitable

Bio- Cecilla works under Addler to keep everyones health and magic status in check. She's considered one of the top healers in his circle and he values her greatly. Cecilla had been gifted as a child when saved her parents during a huge snowstorm. Cecilla and her parents traveled to show her the Grandal Mountains, which was known for its beautiful snow covered mountains. They didn't know however of the dangerous snowstorm coming to them. As it began, her parents began to lose track of the correct path to take leading off the mountain back to their home. The snowfall had begun to grow even harder so they retreated to a small little cave to seek shelter until it stopped. As they went in a huge amount of snow covered the entrance sealing the family inside. Cecillas mother had began to panic and cry because she was afraid her daughter wouldn't make through this. Cecilla began to glow hearing her mother cry and plowed throw the cave in creating a path in the snow. Her parents were in awe as they saw what she could do with her power. The path she created was protected from the snow so they could see exactly where to go so they followed and got back home safely. As she grew older, her powers became even stronger and she could also tap into her healing strength. She'd always go around creating little ice shows for people to watch and heal the sickly. Her parents felt it was time to her to take the next step and join a magic circle. Addler took her in and she fit quite nicely to his liking. She strives to be a teacher and show people how to use there powers for entertainment use as well as nurturing too. Addler has assigned her to Leo, one of his many great magicians to keep him safe in case any trouble heads his way.


From Ferridan:
Nathan Vysler:

Body type: Athletic/ripped body
Age: 20
Hair Color: Charcoal and Ivy League haircut
Eye Color: Platinum Silver
Skin tone: Cream
Outfit: Wears a Leather Navy Blue musketeer hat with a white bell flower symbol on the right side of it. Wears a Chocolate/black colored sleeveless robe (large kinda like a cape) with a frost like design over a Silk Navy Blue sleeveless top.  The robe has a fireball like logo on the back of it but radiates a light blue and the shoulder parts of the robe are feather/wing-like. Wears MMA style gloves which are navy blue color. Black or Chocolate colored Leather pants and have a vial case for herbs and other things attach to the belt(Which is black) on his waist. Wears boots with a wing design on them and those will will be chocolate and the wing outlines will be light blue like the symbol on the back of the robe( I'll post pics of the designs on here.)

Weapon and fighting style: Pistol Sword and Hand-to-Hand
Origin: Kaigor - Village of Aptitude(Ferridan)
Likes: Unique Weapons, soft desserts, Martial Art techniques and boxing
Dislikes: Well endowed women, books, Ungratefulness, Greed
Personality: Gentle spirited, Rash, Quick decision maker, a bit snarky and rebellious

Bio: Nathan was born on Ferridan with a off-worlder mother and Ferridian Father. His Mother was a Normal refugee from Fortunica due to rebellious philosophy of Ferridian magic. Fortunica strictly forbids any types of teachings or preaches of Ferridan due to its savage ideals from stories told about it. She met a man in Kaigor who was very strong in his martial arts and grew fond of him.Over the course of time they grew intimate thus, giving birth to Nathan Vysler. Nathan ideals are quite a unique mix as his mother encouraged more of the bookworm behavior, and his father furthered the battle spirited nature within him. Nathan became well educated as well as a battle hardy warrior. Nathan was kind young man but with a bit of a rebellious nature due to his parents constant nagging of tasks. His parents made him read many a book about magic, fighting arts, and many other things too much to the point where he hated books in general. Nathan would rather show what he learns rather than just keep concealed. His parents told him to keep all of the information he learned from certain books to himself as most people on Ferridians don't practice magic very much. Nathans parent gave him a very special sword at the age of 18, called Aestuo triumphantes, a pistol sword that is extremely rare to see or find with looks like a glowing flame inside the blade. His parents gave this to him as self defense and told him one day, this sword will play an important part when you get older and fight for what you believe in. Not much to his parents surprise, he began to spread his teachings to fellow kids despite being told not to do so. Nathan is almost considered an outsider because he dresses like one, doesn't believe in strict authority to rule everyone, and isn't one to listen to too much to authority unless he has to. He also doesn't seem to agree with the clothing his people wear so he likes to standout and make his own stand and beliefs rather than living in the past like most of the people in Ferridan. Nathan is a very quick and nimble fighter in terms of hand to hand combat. Whenever he felt the books or people get on his nerves, he'd go to a nearby forest area so no one could see him and began to practice techniques on trees and shadowboxing in case he ever needed it. Little did Nathan realize that his tellings of magic and foreign ideas of other Worlds got reach to Wendel, Chieftain of Authority. Wendel and a few of his men went to locate Nathan and took him in as a potential vassal. Nathan is currently 20 years old working under Wendel. Despite Nathan being one of his youngest warrior ever to be recruited, he works with him to discover his true strengths. Nathan wishes for the worlds to unite and free Ferridan from its dark history so that others can thrive peacefully.
Chibi sans hat:
Aomora Noblis:

-Age: 21
-Hair: Golden Brunette, Loose & fair, length reaches to the neck as well as covering around the ears, short bangs cover the forehead while leaning toward left side.
-Eyes: Green, almond eyes
-Height: 5.2 Feet
-Skin: Light Fallow Skin Tone
-Outfit: Green sleeveless undershirt with a leather breast plate that covers the upper body, black wrist gauntlets that cover half the forearm with brown light leather cushioning the inside (fingers are exposed), Light brown colored shorts (ends at above knee length) that have twin belt straps that carry the sheaths for the dual short swords, black leather boots that cover up the half the shin which are big enough to hide a small blade with multiple belt straps surrounding the boots.
-Weapon: Dual Short Swords, utilizing quick movements to target flaws in the opponent’s defenses and stances to overwhelm with precise strikes. Also carries a pair of daggers as backup weapons for emergency use.
-Origin: Ferridan, Kaigor Region, Village near Eastern Dolbar River, North side (Destroyed)
-Likes: Appreciating life’s grandeur, Lessons about cooking, Fruits, Practicing Weapon play, helping others, herbs.
-Dislikes: Needless bloodshed, indecisiveness, not paying debts, sour foods, and her height being mentioned.
-Bio: 2nd Child of a Kaigorian Father, Greallandian Mother, grew up in a rather peaceful environment while hunting and learning to fight. Unlike most people of Ferridan, Aomora is rather short in height for her kind and normally picked on for it. While she normally lacked in a strong physique like other Ferridans, she made up with training her reflexes and speed. At age of 16, a great Beast made of shadows attacked her village, slaughtering most of the inhabitants including her parents and older brother. Since the attack, Aomora has been living with few of the other survivors of her village; Hektor and Faire, thanks to the help from the Judge of Kaigor, Wendel, who provided aid to continue their lives. To repay Wendel’s kindness, she works for him at times of need and swears to avenge her family and village. Normally acts stoic & cautious toward strangers and most people that don't know her personally, but otherwise is actually a bit timid but cares deeply about those she treasures.

From Grados:
Chao Fan the drifter:

Age: Even he doesn't remember anymore
Hair: Light gray, frizzy hair and goatee. Fu Manchu stache.
Eyes: Left is a dark reddish brown. Right eye is a faded green glass eye.
Skin tone: Somewhat dark.
Outfit: I'm gonna just post this pic to save time.
Weapons/Fighting style: Both improvised. Damn good at jury rigging weapons/traps/magitech out of stuff he finds laying around. Aside from that, he's gotten pretty good at wielding his bamboo pokin' stick like a sabre. Can discus throw the wok he keeps outside his rucksack hard enough to knock a man unconscious.
Origin: Born and raised in Yì Lián, but hasn't been back since he left decades ago.
Likes: Collecting (trinkets AND information). Tries not to leave a place without having learned something about it. Tinkering with his collection. Having a warm meal and a drink and occasionally someone to sit and share them with.
Dislikes: When people don't let him pay for meals and rooms with trinkets ("They are NOT useless!"). Tends to get in trouble with local authorities and is banned from quite a few diners and inns.

Curious in every sense of the word, Chao Fan left his hometown in his late teens to see the world and what it had to offer. He goes place to place, in search of adventure and discovery. A run-in with a mugger several years ago cost him one of his eyes so he replaced it with a glass eye a shifty-looking stranger on the side of a road offered him. Says he's never felt better. The old coot is a few carrots short of a stew, but he's one of the craftiest loons you will ever run into. Just don't give him a reason to fight you back and you'll be fine. The last guy to actually make him mad is still in a burn ward somewhere with splinters lodged in his kneecaps and three missing teeth.
Min Jiao-rong:

-Age: about 19
-Hair Color and Style: straight black hair with long bangs in his face and a ponytail
kinda like this only think more "lazy" rather than "mysterious"
-Eye color: black
-Skin tone: light, doesn't get much sun
-Outfit: light pink and rose colored asian style robes with a white crow feather pattern, with very long sleeves that can hide his hands, tied with a cloth belt (family's formal robes are all black with red feather outlines)
loose capri/crop pants tied a few inches below the knee. kinda like kungfu/pirate/Aladdin pants
wears simple sandles or goes barefoot, and plain wire-frame glasses

^different shades of pink and rose for the belt and different layers of the robe, feathers instead of flowers for the outer layer

^reference for robe length

^pants should be white (or a shade of pink depending on artist preference)
-Weapon and fighting style: Magic gun user. The "gun" is actually a specialized device for molding and expelling Anima stored in Lachryma. It cannot use real bullets. It looks kind of like Train Heartnet's revolver from Black Cat but with a much longer barrel and a glowing ornate design that resembles crow's wings on black metal and a Lachryma pommel on the bottom of the handle. The gun uses a combination of emission and movement circuits to launch bursts of energy. The gun's lachryma circuits are relatively simple but Jiao-rong can change the properties of the shots fired with temporary circuits drawn on special strips of paper and lachryma ink. However, Jiao-rong is lazy and really hates making circuits. The only tag he bothers to prepare regularly is a circuit that affects the targeting of the movement circuit because he doesn't like aiming his shots. The gun was specially made by a craftsman from another country outside Di Yu and is Jiao-rong's most prized possession in the sense that it's the only thing he's ever worked hard to obtain in his lazy life. Jiao-rong is also trained in the use of martial arts and traditional weapons such as swords and spears, but hates using them as they "take too much effort to use" compared to his gun.
-Origin: Youdu City, capitol of Di Yu, one of the largest countries in Grados. Jiao-rong originally came with a group from Grados in order to investigate the falling light, but he has since abandoned his party for more personal pursuits.
-Likes: sleeping, alcohol, snacks, spiders, "beautiful people", and sleeping
-Dislikes: loud noises, hard work, crows, and his family

-Short bio: Jiao-rong is one of the many children of Qinguangwang Jiang, warrior, womanizer, and ruler of Youdu City, the largest metropolis and seat of power in the kingdom of Di Yu. King Jiang has many wives and many children which makes for very complicated and often bloody family politics, all of which is mostly ignored by the King, who prefers to spend his time engaged in battle and looking for new wives. He has, however, made a single decree in order to somewhat sort out his "excess of offspring". Any child who has not proven him or herself as a capable warrior shall not be acknowledged as a member of the family. Despite being raised in such an environment, Jiao-rong has absolutely no warrior's spirit (although some would say he has his father's appetite for love). Lazy and unmotivated, he spends most of his time sleeping and drinking rather than training in the arts of war like his many siblings. Placed on a ship to Fortuncia to investigate the falling light, this mission is both his last chance to prove himself a child of Jiang and a convenient means to exile him should he fail. Not that Jiao-rong seems to care either way.

Atlas Stathis:

Age: 24
Hair Color and Style: His hair is shaggy, fairly unkempt. Dark brow, almost black.
Eye color: A deep blue.
Skin tone: Tan.
Body Type: Slightly taller and larger than average. Slightly poor posture. Surprisingly flexible.

Outfit:  Atlas wears a black tunic, rather simple in style. On his back is a large black steel sarcophagus, an intricate design facing out from his back. The strap stretches over his shoulder, and allows for him to hook into his left arm for battle. Other than that, the only notable thing about his outfit is his pair of high quality boots. When asked about them he responds with: "You carry this thing around, see how your feet feel."

Fighting Style: Atlas fights with a small hatchet, letting his opponent move in close and picking away at them. He's a defensive fighter, using his Sarcophagus as a shield. When on the assault, he uses the Sarcophagus as a large blunt object, often times utilizing the weight to add momentum to his punch. As a result he was known in the Grados army as "that kid with a hell of an uppercut."

Origin: Etelia - Grados

Likes: A hearty meal. Comradery. Isolated villages. Battle Tactics. Bar fights. Memories of Military life in Grados.

Dislikes: Large cities. Poor strategic planning. Being rushed. Hiking. Bluster of the average man.

Short bio:Atlas was born in Etelia, however maintains little interest in the research of anima. Instead he served more as a grunt for the developers there, however he did chime in with an outsider's perspective, affirming the practicality of certain technologies on an average soldier. After a particular event, Atlas left Etelia for Veilstrum to pursue a more militant lifestyle. He carried a simple hatchet, the clothes on his back, and more notably, a large sarcophagus. Little paid it any mind after seeing how he could use it in a fight, and simply treated it as another weapon. In his military stay, he focused on building his endurance more than any other trait. Both through physical harm, and in the exposure of Anima, going so far as to do a stay in the Easerlands. Though he feels his training in this regard is incomplete, he's confident in any situation, and his mastery of his unique weapon is solid. Though it raises many questions about what motivates this youth. Eventually, he left Grados to pursue a certain goal of his. Though for now, it seems he works as a simple mercenary.

For Details on Sarcophagus. Warning Spoilers:

Full Name: Cyrus Rodino
Age: 25
Hair Color and Style: N/A
Eye color: Red
Skin tone: N/A

Body Type: As a result of Cyrus's master experiment, his body was transformed. His flesh and skin removed and his height increased, he became a skeletal structure, held together by magic. A dark cloud of smoke covering the skeletal structure that is his new body.

Outfit: Other than a golden crown, covered in emeralds and rubies, his body is uncovered.

Fighting Style: From the conflicts that have arisen thus far, Cryus is near immortal. He simply rushes at the enemy, armed only with a scimitar, it's hilt matching the jeweled glory of his crown, he slashes at the enemy until it is defeated. Unfamiliar with the form as he is, on occasion he will make a blunder, though in the end the battle is always won. Atlas, has control on when to release him, so only in dire situations will Cyrus fight.

Origin: Etelia - Grados

Likes: Small Spaces. Thinking. Testing his new form. Learning new things.

Dislikes: Atlas's restrictions. Being Interrupted.

Short bio: Cyrus began life as an eager to learn child. It was if he were made to live in Eteria, as he always had an inquiry about new things. Cyrus and Atlas met, as Cyrus was working with an Eterian scientist on a problem. They slowly became friends as they worked on various experiments together. Eventually Cyrus became capable enough to do his own studies. Unsatisfied with researching the normal subjects, Cyrus decided to explore the world of spirits, attempting to see if one can attain the power of a spirit while maintaining mortality. Cyrus enlisted a reluctant Atlas in this endeavor, having him steal a sarcophagus containing a Grados soldier from ages ago. He hoped to use the dead soldier as a conduit to create an artificial spirit. Using himself as a willing conduit of the experiment, Cyrus was successful, but was bound to the corpse of the soldier, and the sarcophagus itself. With no way to know for sure if Cyrus had become a new spirit, he insisted that Atlas would allow him to be released to explore his new form, but Atlas was unwilling. He wished for his friend to return to normal, as the creation of a spirit from a mortal was unnatural. In the end, they made a deal. Atlas would take Cyrus on a journey to see if there was a way to restore him, and in return he would release Cyrus from time to time to allow him to explore his new form. To which Cyrus called: "The Sword Dancer."
Lorenzo Jean Baratros:

Age: 23
Hair Color and Style: Medium length hair that's kept sorta messy. Slicks it back for for special occasions. Colored midnight blue.
Eye color: Purple eyes
Skin tone: Lightly tanned skin.
Body Type: Lightly framed with a slightly above average height. Has light muscles.
Outfit: When traveling he wears a robe tied with a sash at the waist. He wears sandals has a scarf to cover his face and a pair of goggles. He also wears this:

couldn't find a better pic but he wears that on his head.
When on planet
Weapon and Fighting style: He fights mainly using long range weapons, Sniper rifles and artillery. But carries a pistol with him if an enemy gets to close. He also has a basic understanding of manipulating Lachryma Crystals with a small cane he has.
Origin: Unknown. Adopted by Basil and his crew on the ship, The Baratros.
Likes: Magic, Gradocian culture, Rock candy, Cold (Weather and otherwise), His sniper rifle, exploring and visiting new places.
Dislikes: Brutes, Pointless Conflict, Being too close to someone.
Short bio: Lorenzo has been traveling most of his life, with his adoptive father, Basil. He was introduced into the mercantile life since very young. He enjoyed the life and loved going to all the places they would travel to. He has lived mainly on the Baratros, but occasionally Basil would send him to school. He wasn't the best student but Basil made sure that he picked up the skills he would need. Lorenzo mostly studied around in Grados, but Basil also traded for some private tutor sessions to learn about Fortunician culture. Lorenzo however much preferred the freedoms of Gradocian culture. He was also trained to work with a sniper and the cannons and artillery of the Baratros. He learned for protection against pirate attacks but will also take on mercenary work from time to time. His time as a trader has given him a hunger for money and valuables. If the price is right he'll do anything. He's usually calm and collected, but when he's aboard the Baratros, he gets excitable and tends to have a lot of energy. Not too long ago the Baratros had started swimming with the rumors about the Dreamstuff. Lorenzo heard that it could grant anything and he instantly grew interested. Now he's collecting information about it till Basil makes his decision to look for it or leave the issue alone.
Weiss Einsviel:

-Age: 29
-Hair: Brown and messy with a short pony tail from the bottom
-Eyes: Green
-Skin Tone: Caucasian
-Outfit: Tattered black coat with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows.  White T-shirt.  Baggy blue pants and black boots.  Brown leather belt for his pants.  Carries a large backpack that holds various items (ie. food, tools, first aid kit, etc...).  His knife is sheathed and strapped to his left thigh while his handgun is holstered on his right hip.
-Weapon and fighting style: A sleek-looking pistol and a survival knife he keeps strapped to his thigh.  The pistol is a launcher that uses convergence magic to gather oxygen around a target, while the gun fires incendiary rounds that ignite the oxygen upon impact with the target.  His knife uses oscillation magic to vibrate the edge at high speeds improving its cutting ability.
-Origin: Luxveilm - The City of Lights (Grados-Veilstrum).  A large city known for its bright lights and captivating light shows.
-Likes: Nature, sweet food, traveling, new experiences, good friends, tinkering, creative ideas, beautiful women, fireworks.
-Dislikes: Stagnation, irresponsibility, false friends, simple mindedness, bitter medicine, crowded areas.
-Short bio: A traveler from Luxveilm who makes a living by doing oddjobs for people, from slaying monsters and guarding people to harvesting and delivering items.  He prefers not to be called a mercenary, as that mainly involves military work, rather he feels that the title "freelancer" suits him better, since it encompasses a variety of work.  A cheerful, laidback man who prefers to go at his own pace.  Despite his breezy personality, he can have moments where he says something that seems incredibly coldhearted or cruel, only to switch back to his usual cheery tone almost instantly.  Stumbling across news of the light during his latest travels, he takes an interest in the heroes and decides to follow them on their adventure.

Chibi Weiss:

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