This game is awesome (with supporting evidence, also spoilers)

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This game is awesome (with supporting evidence, also spoilers)

Post by SHSL Gang Leader on Sun Oct 18, 2009 5:24 am

I'm playing this sucker again after years. It's awesome.

I know this because I was saying everything that I was thinking out loud while I was playing for my brother's benefit
(for example: "Haha Ass-gard", "Welcome to Luin, the city of BURNING whoops I mean hope", "Uh oh more grasshoppers we're in trouble now", "Kratos flap your pretty angel wings and heal Genis")
and some of the things I kept saying were "This is awesome" and "All the music in this game is awesome"
and also I said "This reminds me of Star Ocean 3 but the difference is that this is a good game" at least twice.

Other ways I can tell:
-I beat it.
Me and RPGs don't get along too well, and so a good way to tell if an RPG is really good is if I managed to finish it (FF7, Mother 3... this club is harder to get into then it sounds).
(Not that this is a perfect test, I haven't beat Persona 4 or FF9 yet but they are both awesome, etc etc)

-This. And many others. I'm not kidding about the music. Those were just the first four I thought of.

-I seem to have forgotten how awesome Raine was it's a good thing I have this chance to refresh my memory she kicked a guy in the chest three times in a row holy shit

Symphonia seems to be popular among forum people too ("sentimental reasons", anyone?).

So...anyone have anything to add on this subject?


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