Mufasa reviews L4D2

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Mufasa reviews L4D2

Post by RESSURECTED LYLE DAYEK on Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:04 pm

Well, the gameplay has certainly been beefed up since the last one. New weapons, with more varried uses for your particular gameplay style, more zombies, different events, scenery. But while all of this is good, it seems almost like Valve was trying to impress us too much. Part of what made the first game so great was it's simplicity. While it was simple, it had a good solid format, and despite it being unbearable to replay on your own, it kept being a fun thing to play with the chums.

Here's the set up for the old one:
4 matches
1 Finalie
1-2 Horde events
Short to medium stages

The old one followed this formula very strictly (at least until Crash Course) and while breaking the formula isn't a sin, it does give it a little more organization. A lot of the time, the game seems hectic, and has no real way to plan out what you're going to do. The game seems designed to get rid of camping and corner hogging strategies, but the new zombies manage that fine. Having ridiculous horde events on every stage just starts to wear on the player's patience.

L4D2 is the equivalent of a guitar player, who once wrote a pretty good song, decided to improve, and make another. And while the new song is a lot cooler with new techniques, he tries so hard to impress everyone that it just seems like he's too in your face.

So, overall it's not bad, but there's room for improvement, in the sense that they need to tone it down a notch.

Of course, there are a lot of new things that I love too. Adrenaline for one. The finalie of Dark Carnival and Swamp Fever are amazing. Hard Rain is the most fun I've had for a while. I still haven't beat The Parish, but I like it. Dead center is the equivalent of No Mercy. Blandish, but always fun. And the melee weapons add a nice touch to things.

If they toned down the horde events, got rid of the grenade launcher, take it easy with all the craziness, then it'd be better than the original for sure. Personally, I'd say it's just as fun, even though it's better.

But I think I ought to take a moment to talk about the cast. The infected are all fine and dandy, as they always are. The new ones have quickly become accepted into my heart, while the old ones, while looking a little bland, are still as lovable as always. (Though I am glad I've been a hunter less often) I was kinda hoping of a new super special infected. (Like the tank, or witch.) but I'm not heartbroken.

As for the new cast, I'll take a moment to talk about them:

Coach: Coach is pretty cool. Nothing like a big old black man to spice up your day. But after a while Coach doesn't really grow on me. He's a nice guy, but he seems rather distant. Not as much depth to him as say: Bill, who was a retired veitnam vet, who never found his calling. Bill seemed more like a tragic soul, while Coach just seems like another faceless survivor. Coach IS one of the better new Survivors IMO. Arguably the best, but I'm not warming up to him.

Nick: I can relate to Nick a lot. He seems to share the same contempt for life that I do. He seems like the kind of guy who is only keeping himself from putting a bullet through his head, just because he might be able to profit more from all this. He's a sleaze bag and a con man, and I like it. But once you get down to it, Nick is really artificial. They say he's got trust issues, but it never shows in the game. The closest you can relate him to from the previous survivors was Francis. And while Francis was in truth an oaf, who pretended he was badass, you still loved Francis, because he was a Oaf with a heart of gold. He may have been a douche and a poser, but he was a caring sensitive guy when it came down to it, and though they never mentioned that, it shows. Nick is just Nick.

Ellis: Ellis is alright. Though having him mention a story before every level does try my patience. Especially when trying to beat a stage for the 5th time after dying repetitively, his talking about 'that time with Kieth' really pisses me off and puts a wedge between our relationship. His closest relation from the first game, I'd say is Louis. People playing these games can closely relate to the two of them. Louis is a normal guy, Ellis is a normal guy too. When you compare those two, there's no contest. Louis was the most memorable and lovable character from the first game. Even when crying for help Louis was awesome. "STAY POSITIVE GUYS! I GOT A GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS!" Combining Louis with the rest of the L4D cast forged a relationship between the four that created a cast of lovable people in the zombie apocalypse. Ellis only unites the survivors through the fact that they all want to kick his ass for his non-stop storytelling.

Rochelle: I don't even know where to begin with this one. Seriously. I don't even know anything about her. She never says anything to indicate her personality type and she doesn't have anything memorable about her. I mean, I wasn't expecting Valve, the biggest nerds in the world to know anything substantial about women, but they pulled off Zoey well enough, why did Rochelle end up turning out so lametastic?

So overall, the new cast isn't terrible. But they all seem very fake. I think the original cast is far more interesting, and personable. So I think L4D2 needs improvement.



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