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Alive-The Final Evolution

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Alive-The Final Evolution Empty Alive-The Final Evolution

Post by Gamer7625 on Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:34 am

I wanted to know if any one has read this manga. As I figure no one has probably heard of it, here is a link to a place to read it: http://www.mangapanda.com/358/alive-the-final-evolution.html

I had to read this manga on 2 different sites due to mangareader seeming to miss random pages later on in the book and mangafox not having the first 15 chapters (but is the only place I've seen that the .5 chapter. I don't remember the first number but I think it's 33.5).

I'd like discussion about this manga if any one does read it because this is a manga I really liked overall and read it in a few months last year. I won't provide spoilers for any one who might read it but as discussion goes on I cannot promise anything lol

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