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Post by RESSURECTED LYLE DAYEK on Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:44 pm

So it all started about 2 years ago. And like most good stories. It started in a bar.

"YEAH! GO FOR IT!" The crowd egged me on, as I was about to take in my 100th pint of mead. An impressive feat for such a small town. People all around me looked at me with awe. It was a blast. I grabbed the mug, and everyone got quiet. I eyed it, as if I were studying it, as if I was unsure about whether I could do it or not. In reality, I wasn't feeling a goddamn thing

"Oi. Y'all better keep yer eyes open." I laughed, lifting the mug to my mouth I chugged the whole thing down in one go. The bar erupted in applause and cheers, and I threw the mug against the opposite wall. At this point, even the owner had joined in the celebration, and all my drinks were on the house. He got enough business from all the would be challengers. The only person that wasn't cheering, was a little snot. No taller than 5 feet, all he was doing was watching and taking notes. It would have been stupendous, if it weren't for that little killjoy. He was the first of a few interesting encounters I would meet in the next few days.


After things calmed down a bit, I left the bar and headed out of the village. It was a nice little spot, secluded from the troubles outside by a forest. Theodoria. Named after some lady or something. And of course. The little pipsqueak was following me. I let him walk around a little before ducking behind a tree. It didn't take him long for him to look around it. I reached my hand and grabbed him, pinning him to the tree.

"WAHAPHRLIGHER!!" The boy screamed.

"There a reason you following me?"

"W-well! I-I B-b- J-Ju-!" The kid stammered.

"....Calm down. Name."


"What's yer name?"

"A-Aaron. Sir."

"And why are you following me?"

"W-well, you consumed so much alcohol. Mead in particular, no human has ever survived consumption of over 26 pints, and you had 100, so I was following you to make sure you'd be okay, and if you weren't okay then I would try to help you, and if you weren't okay, then I would have just left you alone, but I wasn't sure how long it would be before the alcohol took affect so-"

"TAKE. A. BREATH." I snapped. He obediently took a large breath, and before he could start speaking I raised my finger. "I. Am fine. I don't need help from anyone, least of all some....pint sized twerp in white robes. What the hell are you anyway? A healer?"

"H-healer in training on missionary work." Aaron responded.

"....So would you even have any idea on how to help me, if I needed help?"

"W-well....I-I've read a lot of books."

"So no."

"...No..." Aaron sounded ashamed. He was released from the grip that was holding him in place.

"Then why'dya follow me?"

"C-cause just because I can't do anything, doesn't mean I couldn't try! I-It's wrong to sit back and do nothing while others are being exposed to harm. As my father taught me and my brother, never-"

"Ugh..." I let the kid trail off. I sniffed the air and realized we were being hunted. "Shit." All of a sudden a shadowy figure jumped out of the woods, launching itself at the man, it snarled, and as he was able to get a closer look, it was a demon wolf. "Tch." With great flexability and strength, he was able to kick the wolf in the head, sending it flying back into a tree. Aaron screamed, shocked by what happened. The first man went up to the stunned wolf and finished it off with his bare fist.

"W-w-woah! T-that was amazing! How were you able to do that?!" Aaron asked, in awe.

"...Same way I was able to drink all that mead." The man grinned, showing sharp teeth. "Imma demon."

"W-w-what?!?" Aaron shivvered.

"Yah. Which is why I don't need ANY holy magics. Especially ones that don't work, from a twerp like you." The demon began walking away from Aaron.

"T-that's...You're not a demon!"

"Eh?" He turned back to Aaron, his posture hunched.

"Even for the high class demons that are able to take a human form, they don't have the same presence that you do. There's very clearly a human element to you. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to blend so well with humans with a high sense for demonic influences." Aaron thought about it, as the demon walked closer to him. "...You must be a half-demon."

"....." The half demon grabbed Aaron's neck and lifted him. "I. AM. NO. HALF. DEMON."

"AAAAACKKKKK." Aaron struggled for breath. The half demon eyed him up.

".....Wait a minute." The half-demon sniffed the air, then turned to look at the demon wolf's scout. "....Shit, that's a scout. There are more of them are nearby." Sniffing the air again, he noticed that the demons were on their way to Theodoria. He looked to Aaron, who was turning blue. Well shit. I can't just leave this kid to die. "...There's more of those demons on the way to Theodoria. Yer gonna help me. Got it, punk?" He loosened his grip.

"W-what?" Aaron gasped.

"You. Must have SOME kind of holy healing magic medical nonsense knowledge. We may need that in Theodoria. I ain't good with that shit. We're going to save them."


"You said it was important to help people, right? So let's do something bout it. The demons are on the way." With that, the half demon sprouted wings from his back. Aaron panicked. "Damon."

"GERF-wah?!" Aaron still panicked as they were lifted off the ground.

"Damon Feath Settrock. That's my name. I ain't a half demon, I'm a demonic conglomerate with a human heart at core. I'll explain more later. Lessgo." Damon took off, heading back to Theodoria, as the demons began approaching the city hidden in the forest.

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