Possibility of a new entry to the Tales series this spring

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Possibility of a new entry to the Tales series this spring

Post by Rise: The Game on Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:18 pm

Courtesy of Abyssal Chronicles:

In one of the episodes of Viva! Tales of +, a short Tales-related skit hosted by Onosaka Masaya (Zelos Wilder's voice actor) and Viva-kun (who is, according to the site, a PR guy for Tales), there are hints that a new Tales of Series title might just be announced this spring.

Onosaka-san and Viva-kun mainly talk about Tales of Xillia, Tales of the World: Dice Adventure and Tales of the Abyss 3DS in the skit, but at the beginning of the video, they both do mention that this spring season, there will be new movement regarding Tales. Onosaka actually mentions that there might be a new title, with Viva-kun adding that ""there will be a lot".

Honestly im thinking its gonna be another entry in the Reimagination series, so Vita Hearts or Tempest. But hey if its another main entry in the series thats cool too!

Though I want my goddamn VS2 with Graces and Xillia characters

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