Would anyone by chance...

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Would anyone by chance...

Post by Kilvas on Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:41 pm

Random, I know. But would anyone be interested in playing Brawl? Ever since I got my new wii with no GCN capabilities whatsoever, I've been reluctant to play it. But after awhile I figured I'd give it a shot with the wiimote+nunchuk, and though I'm not as good as I was with the GC controller, I feel I could still hold my own pretty well. I'd have to re-add everyone though with all this friend code stuff. But before I did any of that, I wanted to know if anyone would be up for playing? Maybe people could voice chat on skype as they played too.

And I wouldn't be able to play a majority of this weekend, but I wanted to see if there was any interest.


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