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Post by Tatsuya on Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:32 am

Rules: There shall be two awards for each award, the fan vote, and the Serene vote. The fan vote is going to be set up that, you give me a PM listing the nomination that you want for each category. However you do not need to vote for every category just the ones you feel comfortable with. Each nomination for each award will be given a link to somewhere that can help you decide on a vote. Usually a ANN page.

Awards and what’s nominated for them:

Best song: Best song could have been anything from an ending, opening, or an insert song for the anime that it’s nominated for. So here’s a list of six songs that in the past year stood out to me. Also included is a you tube link to each and every song.
1. Haritsuke no Misa: By Yui Sakakibara. Insert Song Chaos Head ep 3 Link
2. Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi: By On/Off Vampire Knight op Link
3. Hizamazuite Ashi Wo Oname: By Ali Project: Princess Resurrection ed Link
4. Howling: By Abingdon Boys School: Darker than Black OP1 Link
5. Cyclone: By 12012: Romeo X Juliet ED1 Link
6. Red Fraction: By Mell: Black Lagoon ED 1 Link

Best Shounen: Shounen anime is described as the fighting genre, however, using mainly martial arts. Here is a list of animes that fit’s into this list. As well as their ANN pages for each of them.
1. Bleach: Link
2. Naruto: Link
3. Tokyo Underground: Link
4. Shikabane Hime: Link

Best Shoujo: Best Shoujo Anime: Shoujo anime is mainly directed at females, usually relating to idealized love. Once again here’s a list of nominations and their ANN page
1.Vampire Knight:
2. Romeo X Juliet:
3. Vampire Knight Guilty:

Best Seinen anime. Seinen anime usually is more dark than it’s counterpart Shounen anime. Dealing with a bit less action, more character development and the use of guns. Seinen anime sometimes get’s grouped in with Shoujo due to the character development. So here’s a list of my favorites, and their ANN pages.
1. Code Geass:
2. Chaos;HEAd
3. Black Lagoon:
4. Tokko:
5. Darker Than Black:
6. Death Note:

Biggest Surprise: This is for the anime that surprised me the most when it came to actually liking it.
1. Naruto:
2. Black Lagoon:
3. Romeo X Juliet:
4. Princess Resurrection:

Best OVA/Movie
1. Phantom: The Animation:
2. Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0. Rebuild of Eva:
3. Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence:

Best Crossing: This is for the anime that fits two genres
1. Romeo X Juliet (For Shoujo and Shounen):
2. Vampire Knight (Same as before): Vampire Knight:
3. Chaos Head (Seinen and Harem): Chaos;HEAd

Worst Anime: This is for the anime that I found to be the biggest pile of shit. All three nominations are not name listed so you have to click on the link

Best Male Lead Character: The Names of the people nominated are in their links
1. (Code Geass)
2. (Phantom)
3. (Darker Than Black)
4. (Casshern Sins)
5. (Vampire Knight)

Best Female Lead Character:
1. (Phantom)
2. (Tokko)
3. (Ghost in the Shell)
4. (Black Lagoon)
5. (Chaos Head)

Needs to grow a pair: This is for the male character that acts like a pussy.
1. (Chaos Head)
2. (Reborn)
3. (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Probably has a pair: This is for the female character that acts most like a tomboy or bad ass.
1. (Tokko)
2. (Black Lagoon)
3. (Shikabane Hime)

Best Supporting:
1. (Death Note)
2. (Black Lagoon)
3. (Code Geass)
4. (Vampire Knight)

Best Villain:
1. (Death Note)
2. (Ghost in the Shell)
3. (Darker Than Black)

Best Manga:
1. Chaos Head:
2. Reborn!:
3. Princess Resurrection:
4. Tokko:

Best Anime:
1. Romeo X Juliet:
2. Darker Than Black:
3. Code Geass:
4. Black Lagoon:
5. Casshern Sins:

Voting Process: I shall wait one week for the votes to be cast, I encourage everyone to vote. If you don't I'll hunt you down and kill you. If you're going to Otakon and are not voting, I'll kill you then. Please refrain from listing your votes here on this topic. Just a general discussion. If any links are not accurate or repeat please tell me so I can fix.

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