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The Persona RP Topic

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The Persona RP Topic Empty The Persona RP Topic

Post by Turret Slayer!!! Tue Jun 10, 2014 6:55 pm

Synopsis: In the quiet town of Sakamori, there exists a rumor.  Within the waters of Lake Sakai, a beautiful spirit dwells that takes sleeping people away into fantastic or horrific dreams.  This is usually just an old wive's tale or something told to children to get them to sleep, but in one day the story began to take a horrific turn.  Every so often, a person would fall into a coma, and after seven days time, only a drowned, bloated corpse would remain.  Dive into the mysteries behind this town and stop these horrific deaths once and for all.

And so it begins a new.  Same ol' story.  New rp.  Gotta fill it with characters.  Sign 'em up here.

Name (First and Last if available/possible):
Role (Main, Support, Side, etc...):
Arcana (if applicable):
Appearance (eye color, hair length/style/color, body type, clothes, etc...)
Initial Persona:
Final Persona:
Fighting Style:
Personality (likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc...):
Short Description/Bio:

Hope to see some posts soon.
Turret Slayer!!!
Turret Slayer!!!
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The Persona RP Topic Empty Re: The Persona RP Topic

Post by RESSURECTED LYLE DAYEK Tue Jun 10, 2014 8:31 pm

Name: Stefan Kobayashi
Age: 17
Role: Main, Persona user.
Arcana: Hermit
Appearance: http://princesskilvas.deviantart.com/art/P4-RP-OC-Stefan-Shermikat-253653146
^Art Credit to Princess Kilvas. Last name has changed
Weapon: Poleaxe. (Starts with broom)
Initial Persona: Ippon Datara
Final Persona: Ongyo-ki
Fighting Style: Stefan recklessly attacks, and as a result takes damage. His persona is geared for such as well. In addition to that, his persona inflicts status effects. (Enervation, poison, rage.)
Personality: Stefan is cynical, of himself and other people. Despite that, he has a strong sense of loyalty, and those whom he does make a connection with he keeps close to, and follows them. He has low self esteem, and continually questions himself, hoping to improve his view in the eyes of others, though his cynicism gets in the way of this. His character arc will hopefully involve him having more faith in himself, and seeing the world in a more positive light.
Short Description/Bio: Stefan is an only child. He lived a relatively normal life, if somewhat lonely. His mother died when he was 13, leaving him and his father in a depressed state, and low in finances. Over the next two years, his father was embezzling money, of which he was caught. Leaving Stefan on his own. With no other choice, Stefan re-located to the town of Sakamori, wherein he met Chiaki, who allows him to reside in the building in exchange for assisting with maintenance of the estate. He attends the school, and while he keeps mostly to himself, he's fairly friendly with his fellow residents.

Name: Rodrigo Guerra
Age: 27
Role: NPC
Arcana: N/A
Appearance: Rodrigo is large. Tall and muscular. He has short curly hair and brown eyes. He wears brown slacks and a button up pinstripe shirt, white and dark blue.
Weapon: Fists
Initial Persona: N/A
Final Persona: N/A
Fighting Style: Boxing/brawling.
Personality: Rodrigo is friendly, responsible, and respectful. He makes for a good role model, despite his occasional quirkiness. He's sometimes seems too friendly, as if hiding something. Despite that, no one has been able to pick out any flaws outside of a certain degree of dorkiness.
Short Description/Bio: Rodrigo works as a delivery man in the town of Sakamori. He keeps to himself on his off time, but no one can say an ill word about him in the town. Some think strange of him, most are kind with him. When he was younger he was a boxer and bodybuilder, born in Portugal. He attended a championship tournament in Japan. As he spent some time in the country training, he decided to immigrate to the nation when he was 22. Giving up his boxing, he decided to live a more simple life in the town of Sakamori.

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Post by Rise: The Game Tue Jun 10, 2014 8:49 pm

Name: Masuyo Uehara
Age: 17
Role: Persona User
Arcana: Temperance
Appearance: Brown messy hair with a fringe covering his left eye. (His eyes are emerald colored) Six feet tall, normally seen wearing Jeans (shorts in the summer) with a black belt, a T-shirt with a dark green button up shirt over it (which is normally unbuttoned), and extremely beaten up tennis shoes. Wears thin round lens glasses that are taped together showing that they've already snapped apart before.
Weapon(s): Staves
Initial Persona: Sylph
Final Persona: Byakko
Fighting Style: Bōjutsu
Likes: His Sister, Rain, Tea, Peace and Quiet, Kanamin, Sales
Dislikes: Busybodies, Irresponsibility, Fire, Ramen, Spending money
Personality: Quiet, and slightly distant from others. Would be easy to make friends with, if his mind wasn't continuously on his younger sister. Loves to sit down and talk over a drink. Only seems excitable when celebrities are mentioned.
Short Description/Bio: Masuyo is a 17 year old boy who lives in the Sakamori boarding home with his younger sister Haruna. Hes extremely focused on his studies, as well as intensely focused on his younger sister's studies and upbringing. After losing his parents at the age of Twelve in a car accident, he nearly lost the use of his left eye after covering Haruna in the backseat of the car and getting cut by shards of glass. After losing both parents, and seeing his sister suffer from shock, he swore to make sure that the two of them make the most of their lives as possible since they were lucky to have survived the accident.  Masuyo juggles a job at the local warehouse, studies and taking care of his sister without making a single complaint about it. Hes constantly moving, rarely resting so he tends to have a tired look to others.

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Rise: The Game
Rise: The Game

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Post by Turret Slayer!!! Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:59 am

Name: Shin Nagato
Age: 17
Role: Persona User, Main.
Arcana: Fool
Appearance: Short black hair.  Hazel eyes.  6' 3".  Average build.  Wears a navy blue vest over a white t-shirt and blue jeans in the summer and in in the winter wears a black jacket over a dark blue, long sleeved shirt.  Wears black and blue tennis shoes in the summer and dark brown boots in the winter.  Always has a pair of blue headphones attached to a handheld gaming device he keeps in his vest/jacket pocket.
Weapon(s): Knife at the start, Knives and/or Short Swords later.
Initial Persona: Wadatsumi
Final Persona: N/A (Let's go with Wadatsumi-no-Okami, for now)
Fighting Style: Primarily defensive.  His skill with a knife or sword only allows him to fend off an attacker for a while, hopefully until the perfect moment for an ally or his persona to strike arises.
Likes: Manga/Anime, Video Games.
Dislikes: Too much attention, overly friendly or nosy people.
Personality: A polite, if slightly timid youth, Shin tends to keep people at arms length and takes a while to open up.  He's perceptive of others actions but doesn't like to pry.  He prefers solitude but is not adverse to interacting with others.  He has a habit of nicknaming people, but doesn't particularly like receiving a nickname.
Short Description/Bio: After his parents separated when he was 5, Shin lived with his mother, Ayako Mikami, a hardworking businesswoman.  One day when he was 11 living in the city, he had unknowingly gotten involved in gang activity.  After realizing what he had done, however, he confessed to the local police, though not every member could be apprehended.  Fearing for his safety, Shin was sent to live with his father, horror novelist Keiji Nagato.  And years later after a run-in with a remnant of the gang several years later, Keiji thought that a change of scenery would be best.  Having heard the strange rumors about the malicious lake spirit, Keiji has brought the two to Sakamori in hopes that these rumors may be just what he needs to get the old creative juices flowing.  Shin on the other hand, is just looking for a fresh start in a new town and doesn't want to be dragged into his father's new obsession.

Name: Karen Okazaki
Age: 17
Role: Persona User, Main
Arcana: Chariot
Appearance: Short, messy red hair.  Green eyes.  5' 9" tall.  BWH: 88-59-84.  Wears a sleeveless green hoodie over a red t-shirt and jean shorts during the summer and a red sweater and jeans during winter.  Wears White and red tennis shoes year-round.
Weapon(s): Baseball bats and other sports equipment.
Initial Persona: Nata-Taishi
Final Persona: Melchizedek
Fighting Style: Tends to favor a swift aggressive approach to beat down the enemy before they can launch a proper offensive or counter-offensive.  Her exact style changes depending on what equipment she has (bat, hockey stick, golf club, etc...), but they all have this in common.
Likes: Tokusatsu heroes (especially Featherman), sports, sparring.
Dislikes: Bullies, ghosts, indecision/hesitation.
Personality: Karen is a kind, friendly and hot-blooded tomboy who's known around the school and town for coming to the aid of anyone in need.  She's headstrong and energetic, which sometimes gets her into trouble, but she makes it a point to never stay down no matter what life throws at you.
Short Description/Bio: As a child, Karen loved superheroes, especially the ones in the manga her father, Ryuuji Okazaki (pen name. Ryuudou Ozaki).  She loved everything about them from their colorful costumes to their bombastic, larger-than-life adventures and to the way they always found time to help someone in need.  So it's no surprise that she grew up trying to emulate these figures as she grew up.  However, she had a habit of taking things too far in her youth, which caused trouble with both the faculty and her parents.  After finishing middle school, they decided that it may be better if she took high school in a more peaceful area.  So at the start of high school, Karen was sent to live with her grandmother, Mai Kurosawa, in Sakamori, where she works part-time at a local Chinese restaurant as a delivery girl, and also acts as a reserve member for various sports teams at school.  .

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Turret Slayer!!!
Turret Slayer!!!
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Post by Bacon'N'grits Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:37 am

Name Daikichi Raidou
Role: Main, Persona User
Arcana: Emperor
Appearance: Daikichi is "6.2, tan skinned,  178 lbs. Well toned body, muscular with Crew-cut black-bluish hair and green eyes. White high top shoes, Black cargo shorts with a Red sleeveless shirt usually wearing his boxing gloves on his shoulders which are egg white. When he's not, he usually wears his finger less fight gloves which are also egg white with a "Power!" logo on them.
Weapon(s): Gauntlets/fight gloves and Handgun(later in story)
Initial Persona: King Frost
Final Persona: Odin
Fighting Style: Boxing and Muay Thai  
Likes: Beef bowls, Snow and Thunderstorms, Friends, games, Training, Cleaning
Dislikes: People who don't finish their food, Bullies, Fighting dirty, Gambling, Prissy attitudes
Personality: Reliable, Charismatic, and bit reckless. Loves to help others in anyway he can but sometimes doesn't take no for an answer when he knows he's in the right unless proven otherwise. Will not hesitate to poke fun of quiet nature people but knows when to back off if needed. Very outgoing and generally gets along with all he meets but tends to make a lot of rivalries without meaning to...sometimes.

Short Description/Bio: Daikichi is currently 19 who lives on his own apartment with a dog named Forrester, who he found as a stray when he was younger near a dumpster after school that keeps him company. He helps train others at his father boxing gym to build up strength and courage to defend themselves when threatened. Daikichis father Otozuka holds tournaments every now in then to give the gym some publicity in which his son and a few others dominate in. As of now, Daikichi is the champ of the gym knocking down his opponents honorably honing his skills with each fight. As of late, his father has gotten a bit to needy with the money Daikichi wins from tournaments hosted at the Sakamori Gym and uses it on needless luxury and gambling to "bling" out his gym. In addition, he began increasing the expenses for lessons and for admission for the gym slowly causing most if not all of Daikichis pupils to not afford losing valuable customers. Daikichi is trying to figure out a way to restore the gym to its former glory as well as getting through to his father before he destroys the gym and all Daikichi stands for as his son.
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Post by The Monkey King Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:49 pm

Name: Kitao Miyashiro
Age: 16
Role: Persona User
Arcana: Magician
Appearance: Standing at 4'11", on the shorter end for his age, with tanned skin and blue eyes. He wears a open hoodie, that's usually blue or black but can vary. He'll also wear a beanie over his medium length black hair. Always has a messenger bag on him. He wears cargo shorts and a black shirt usually with a design on it, He tends to wear sneakers but will wear boots when neeeded.
Weapon: One handed clubs/hammers, and some homemade explosives/gas bombs.
Initial Persona: Pixie
Final Persona: Hua Po
Fighting Style:  He fights mainly to protect himself with anything availiable, using tricks and his enviroment to make the fight easier.
Likes: Spray paint, Many forms of Art, Running/Parkour, Exploring, Getting away (with whatever he's done or just away from people in general), the local police, Helping others, sweets and cute things.
Dislikes: Getting caught, Police, Art he deems to be "fake", Fake people, tripping.
Personality: Despite being quite negative in general, He's got a soft heart and will always help those that need it. But he'll try to hide that softness with a tough exterior, He mainly keeps to himself, but has a small circle of friends. Despite this, He's a bit of a loud person, and always has a quip or snarky remark ready. He also is a bit of a jokester, but tends to push jokes too far. In the form of pranks or just insulting people.
Short Description/Bio: Kitao was always more of a delinquent growing up. Due to the fact that he loved drawing on whatever surface was nearest. Using chalk to draw on anything outside, and crayons to draw on walls when he was in the house, and this was when he was a kid. His parents noticed that he actually wasn't bad at it and didn't want to dissuade him from his... new skill. They bought him whatever he needed to draw... without ruining the walls. Though, this was not for forever, His parents were taken from him, he was too young to remember why or what happened. After he was moved from foster home to foster home. Getting into trouble wherever he went with his art. First crayons, then markers, paint, and finally spray paint. Turning to graffiti to show off his art wherever he could. He got into trouble with the police and  was taken into custody by them. But then a couple came to him. The man claiming to be his father's brother, offered him a home and a new life. Kitao accepted and moved in with them. He has been living in Sakamori now for some time and now calls it his home. Albeit, he doesn't act like it. He bugs those around him, covering the town with his "art", and gets in and out of trouble all of the time. He doesn't mean any actual harm and when he does get caught he'll clean up after himself and lay low for a while.

Name: Nobuyuki Miyashiro
Age: 41
Role: NPC
Arcana: N/A
Appearance: Kinda plain but keeps himself dapper, wearing a suit and vest ensemble. He'll also wear a hat of some sort usually. Grey eyes and greying brown hair. Wears thin wire frame glasses most of the time and stands at 5'10".
Personality: A positive man that's a firm believer of tough love. Tends to be serious but will occasionally show his playful side. Especially to those close to him.
Short Description/Bio: The man who brought Kitao into his home at a young age. He tries to make sure Kitao understands that what he does, will get him into trouble. Because of this, they tend to argue alot about how Kitao should carry himself. However he doesn't wish to stifle the boy either. Buying him paint and offering him a place to practice in the house. He works as an accountant and likes to keep himself in shape. He lives with Kitao and his loving wife, Michiko.

Name: Michiko Miyashiro
Age: 33
Role: NPC
Arcana: N/A
Appearance: A shorter woman that stands at 4'10". She wears her auburn hair in a couple of braids or pigtails. Wearing a thick turtleneck sweater that seems to be one size too big for her, with a long dress and sandals. Bright hazel eyes with very light skin. Has big round reading glasses.
Personality: A very timid seeming woman that is usually so, but can actually be one tough cookie. She's very sweet and nice to those around her especially, her "two strong, handsome men." But if you push the wrong buttons she'll turn around and show you how scary she can be.
Short Description/Bio: Michiko lives mainly as a housewife, but likes to go out and do some part-time work in the town too. She likes to keep herself busy and always carries a certain uplifting air about her. She even helps her husband with his work sometimes. Acting as a secretary or doing some of the accounting herself. She's brought up Kitao as her own and always tries to make sure he's kept happy. The three are actually really close to each other despite the way her two men treat each other.
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