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The Persona Q Experience

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The Persona Q Experience Empty The Persona Q Experience

Post by RESSURECTED LYLE DAYEK Wed Dec 31, 2014 7:48 pm

Yu Narukumi: "Hey! We're the cast of Persona 4. It's nice to meet you, I'm Yu Narukumi."
Persona 3 Protagonist: "Yo. What's up. Nice to meet you!"
Yu Narukumi: "Uh, can I ask for your name?"
Persona 3 Protagonist: "Well, yeah, but no need to memorize it, trust me."
Yu: "Uh, why?"
P3Pro: "Well, It's kinda funny, but I'm gonna be dead by the end of next March."
Yu: "Huh?!"
Yukari: "Wait, what?!"
Akihiko: "No way!!"
Mitsuru: "Leader! What are you talking about?!"
P3Pro: "Oh! Give it a rest. I die in March and that's that! It's either that or the entire world blows up or some shit."
Fuuka: "Why? Why does this have to happen?!"
P3Pro: "Well, I mean.....It's kinda awkward, but I have an eight year old child that's living inside me that is the incarnate of death."
All: "......."
Shinjiro: "Isn't there anything we can do?"
P3Pro: "Hehehe. Shinji, trust me, you got bigger things to worry about. Good luck making it to next month! *elbows Ken.* Am I right Ken?"
Ken: "W-wwha? H-how do you...?"
P3Pro: "I mean, if I were a girl, and we had sex, you might have a shot at living Shinji, but they don't give us that option in this, so frankly, you're fucked bro. Oh! And Junpei, don't worry too much about flirting with these other girls from P4. You're gonna need a nice sweet girl to help you through when Chidori.....Well, the good news is I'll make it past her!"
Junpei: "W-what?! What's gonna happen to my Chidorita?!"
P3Pro: "Aaaaaand not to really shit on your cornflakes, but in December you're gonna meet a new best friend, Ryoji. Yeaaaah don't get too attached to him either. Yeaaaah, it's gonna be a bad year for you buddy." *Pats Junpei on the back.*
Mitsuru: "H-have you gone completely mad..?"
P3Pro: "Nah! Please, I've accepted my situation at this point. But make sure to tell your Dad you love him, Misturu. Not to give away too much but....well, nah, I'll just say it; Ikutsuki is a bastard traitor and he kills your dad. Or he has Aigis kill him. I forget which." *He shrugs. they all stare at him blankly.* "And Fuuka! Headphones yes. Cooking no."
Yukari: "This...this is just too much..."
P3Pro: "Lets see..is there anything else...Oh! Actually I have something for you guys!"
Yousuke: "Er...us?"
P3Pro: "Yeah, when you guys do a field trip to Tatsumi Port Island, tell the President of the student council, that she was a sweet bang. ....And the teacher Toriumi too." *He brushes his hands together.* Aaaaaand I think that's it!
*They all stare silently, somber looks on their faces.*

Koromaru: "Arf!"

(((Happy New Year Everyone.)))

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