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Desu's Easy Guide to Grade Farming

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Desu's Easy Guide to Grade Farming Empty Desu's Easy Guide to Grade Farming

Post by Fondos Aquila on Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:20 am

Remade in the proper area.

In sure you all know about grade farming with Rita's Tidal wave. Well, I've got something better. As I was trying to get Raven to learn his altered arte Tempest( learned from Havoc Gale), I discovered something very nice. In overlimit, this move traps your foes in a deadly loop. Even better than violent pain spam. I easily got a 1000 hit combo. I had this set up at first.

Lucky End
Ovl boost(length increasing one)
Minimum damage

Wonder Symbol

I suggest going to the beginning on hard mode. Enemies deal 1 damage and can't make you stagger. Look for a group of 4 or more, and try to link encounter

At first I used lvl 1 overlimit with the coms on manual with Dice equipped to increase grade, and used Estelle to give me to items. I would go to a 1000 hit combo and then do FS to finish them off. That would net me between 150 and 300 grade in 6 minutes. I eventually refined it more to help with the item crisis and occassional bad grade.

Same skills as before, but add:
Ovl bonus 2(occassional tp restore)

New strategy. Use lvl one overlimit to get higher over limits, until you have level three. If you have at least four enemies, you can almost always get lvl 3 overlimit while IN LVL 3 OVERLIMIT. This eliminates the tp item problem mostly. If you can't make it to lvl 3, use a lvl 1 to get there. The ovl bonus 2 will occasionally restore tp, so you should be rarely using tp items even then. Don't FS any enemy. Just combo until dead and watch your grade skyrocket. About 400-500 in 8-9 minutes. This is probably the best strategy for those who cannot multitask well.

Req: two controllers.
Same skills.

Light Magic
Min damage
ovl boost(if she has)

Spirit Symbol

Strategy: Same deal as before with raven. Spam Tempest when the enemies are gathered near you. Lvl 3 overlimit. HOWEVER, you are only doing this with one hand. Your other hand will be spamming tidal wave with Rita on your second controller. This allows you to prevent enemies from slipping out of tempest( some enemies will slide accross the ground after a tempest and get out of range) AND adds many more hits. If you're really adept at this, you can try making Rita go into lvl 1 overlimit around the same time as Raven's lvl 3. This way is much more lenient in the combo counter area. Also, since tempest gives a blue FS and Tidal wave gives a green, you have more FS chains. If you can keep this up the whole battle, you will be rewarded with about 700-800 grade in a 10-11 minute period! This method works best with a link encounter of 2 or more( try near the forest where you meet Karol).

I hope this helped some people.

Set moves for both Rita and Raven to A and >A, incase you tap forward.
Avoid enemies that will make you stagger! That will ruin you!
Enemies tend to attack Estelle for some reason. Have her be the centerpiece for your work, so if an enemy escapes, they will walk into the tempest after her.
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