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Tales of Graces Trailer

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Tales of Graces Trailer Empty Tales of Graces Trailer

Post by The Universe on Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:30 pm

Tales of Graces Trailer 28ldymo
Matthew O'Connell says: (3:13:42 AM)
~°∆°[[Bizz] says: (9:24:45 PM)
You guys, I am stalking a girl from Spain.
Wist says: (9:25:06 PM)
Me too.
Lyle wrote:The song was one big saxophone solo and it has a girl dressed up like Santa Claus.

I'm so on board with this, it's not even funny.
The Universe
The Universe

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Tales of Graces Trailer Empty Re: Tales of Graces Trailer

Post by Teddie-ous Individual on Sun Sep 27, 2009 2:23 pm

As I said in the other topic..

If Bamco doesn't localize, we must send Ninja to deal with this. An arrow in the pillow beside the CEO of Bamco with a letter saying "LOCALIZE YOUR SHIT" should do nicely.

Tales of Graces Trailer BB_Taokaka_Attack_4
Tales of Graces Trailer P4teddie3u
*Insert Bear Pun Here*
Teddie-ous Individual
Teddie-ous Individual

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