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Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide

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Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide Empty Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide

Post by Rozencrutz on Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:25 pm

Secret Mission 1 (Zagi):
"Defeat Zagi while protecting Estellise from Zagi's attacks."
Basically go full out on Zagi and set Estellise's strategy to stay
away. You want Zagi's full attention on yourself, possible best way is
to map Estellise' heal to your right analog stick and just spam it so
she stays far away and keeps you healthy enough to never let off Zagi.

Secret Misison 2 (Goliath):
"Downed Goliath by attacking its Achilles' heel while it charges X
buster." You'll notice one of it's feet is smaller than the other with
a small bit of glowing stone floating in it. You need to slash that
when Goliath he charges his X Buster. You'll be able to tell since he
stops moving and crosses his arms in front of himself.

Secret Mission 3 (Gattuso):
"Use the Billybally plants to stun Gattuso." Wait until Gattuso is
close to a billybally plant and hit the plant with a melee attack.

Spells take too long to charge and Gattuso has a habit of swapping
targets and running away from you. This'll be a hard secret mission
simply because for first time players Gattuso will be the hardest boss
you will face.

Secret Mission 4 (Zagi 2):
"Lured Zagi to the side of the ship and knocked him overboard." One of
his attacks has him rocketing upwards into the air spinning. You need
to get under and behind him so he's between you and the side of the
ship. Once there hit the over-limit and knock him over the edge.

Secret Mission 5 (Dreaded Giant):
"Downed the Dreaded Giant when it reared back and left itself wide
open." Wait for it to stand on its hind legs, at that moment run in and
slash at them. You will want a multi-hit attack since you need to
bring down his shield first before the attack will knock him over.

Secret Mission 6 (Gigalarva):
"Raven used Serpent to set a trap for the Gigalarva and prevented it
from healing itself." Use once Gigalarva has less than 24,000 HP. Best
way to do it is to take control of Raven for the battle and once
Gigalarva is down below 24,000 hp stand in front of it and cast
Serpent. Whenever Serpent runs out or Gigalarva moves away simply re-
cast or re-position yourself and recast it.

Secret Mission 7 (Barbos):
"You took out the bridge supports, thus keeping Barbos from calling out
more of his thugs." Easy, target the bridge supports and destroy them
before taking out Barbos.

Secret Mission 8 (Zagi 3):
"Let Zagi absorb too much energy, destroying his bodhi blastia." Simply
stand back and don't attack, let him absorb aer till his blastia

Secret Mission 9 (Pteropus):
"You defeated the Leader Bat and prevented Pteropus from recombining."
Pteropus will periodically split into 4 Attack Bats, 4 Magic Bats and a
Leader Bat. Basically target and defeat the Leader Bat first. It may
take 2-3 splits to finally kill it. The damage you do to it stays
there for the next split, just so long as you kill the leader bat, it
doesn't matter how many splits it takes.

Secret Mission 10 (Outbreaker):
"Destroyed the core and prevented magic from inverting day and night."
Destroy the core, but you have to do it before you defeat Outbreaker.
A well-timed Tracker Beam will destroy it in a single shot. Otherwise
use Judith and jump into the air whenever it appears and try to do
aerial attacks, artes and combos on it. It doesn't matter how much
damage you do, only that you hit it 4-5 times.

Secret Mission 11 (Belius):
"You lit up all the candlesticks and eliminated the illusions of
Belius." Use Yuri's Destruction Field arte to relight the four candles
once the Belius double appears. You can use any fire element attack
like fireball but Yuri's Destruction Field is the quickest.

Secret Mission 12 (Nan & Tison):
"Timed your strikes between Nan and Tison's attacks to knock them
down." Tison and Nan both have attacks that cause their weapons to
stick into the ground and leave them off-balanced for a time. You need
to hit them when they're in that off-balanced position. It needs to be
a multi-hit attack or a very strong one. Generally 2-3 normal attacks
is all you need.

Secret Mission 13 (Schwann):
"Downed Schwann by attacking when he was clutching his heart after his
mystic arte." Wait for him to do his mystic arte, use recover to get up
immediately and then hit him with an Azure Storm. He has a shield so
you need to break that first before you can down him.

Secret Mission 14 (Zagi 4):
"Use Karol's Nice Recovery Smash arte to force Zagi to recover from
poison." Fight Zagi until he poisons himself and then have Karol use
Nice Recovery Smash when he's standing beside Zagi to cure Zagi.

Secret Mission 15 (Baitojoh):
"Hit Baitojoh 3 times during its Ice Edge attack and fighed it out of
the water." Watch for Baitojoh's fin for the Ice Edge attack. When you
see it, attack it. If you can hit it before Ice Edge is complete it
gets hurled out of the water. Again Azure Storm is a good move to use
for this since it's hard to tell exactly where the fin will appear.

Secret Mission 16 (Estellise):
"Use the item, Mother's Momento, on Estellise." There is a sub event
called "What's Important to Estellise" in Mantaic that is triggered at
night. You have to return there before going to Myorzo to get the item.
This secret mission is during the second fight, the solo fight against

Secret Mission 17 (Yeager):
"Make Yeager's heart explode by using Raven's Rain arte." This is the
infamous Secret Mission 17, hardest of them all. If you can do this,
you can do them all. When Yeager reveals the hermes blastia in his
heart during the second half of the battle, guard break him, then have
Raven use his Rain arte. The best way to do this is to set everyone on
Guard with No TP usage. They'll not do anything but guard like that.
Afterwards you take Yuri and attack Yeager in Over Limit. When you see
him start guarding attacks use Destruction Field over and over. It
should take 5-7 Destruction Field's depending on difficulty and how
powerful your character is. After 4 pause it each time and if you see
Yeager's guard break stop the Destruction Field spam and swap to Raven.
Yeager will still have the basic blue shield protecting him so you need
to down that first. Best way is to equip a weapon that allows the use
of Rainsong altered arte and fire off 1 of those to break the shield
and then swap weapons and go back and spam rain.

Another strategy that worked for some is to simply have Karol, Repede
and Yuri go all out attack on Yeager while Raven sits back in over
limit spamming Rain. This works at random, so if you kill him just reload
and try again.

Secret Mission 18 (Alexei):
"Downed Alexei by attacking him when he was tired after his mystic
arte." Same as with Schwann. Wait until the mystic arte goes off, use
recover to get up immediately and blast him with a couple Azure Storms.
If you're close enough may be better to simply run up and combo him
with regular attacks but if you're at a distance Azure Storm is best.

Secret Mission 19 (Gusios):
"Attacked Gusios's tail then downed him while he stood on his hind
legs." Attack his tail. When it retracts, Gusios will stand on his hind
legs and pound his chest. When he does that hit him to knock him down.
Really the easiest way is to just go into Overlimit and start spamming
multi-hit moves at him from behind.

Secret Mission 20 (Khroma Dragon):
"Downed Khroma by timing your strikes between a certain group of her
attacks." Basically, when you see rocks falling run towards Khroma and
hit her as she slams the ground. Really all you need to do is rush
towards her and start attacking, you'll get it.

Secret Mission 21 (Flynn):
"Allow Flynn to use every arte he could, including his mystic arte."
These are the list of his artes:
Dragon Swarm
Demon Fang
Tiger Blade
Demonic Chaos
Sword Rain Alpha
Holy Lance
Sonic Thrust
Demonic Circle
First Aid
Guardian Field

And: Mystic Arte

Basically go into overlimit 3 or 4 and whip out your Mystic Arte. More
than likely it won't go off and he'll do his instead. This is alright
it's what you want. He'll use more and different artes as his HP drops
so beat him down until he tries to heal himself with Guardian Field or
First Aid. Once he uses those he'll use the rest if you simply let
him. You may need to lay off him if you combo-lock him. At about 25%
hp left he'll probably start to heal so if you have him combo-locked
stop attacking at that point.

Secret Mission 22 (Zagi 5):
"Downed Zagi by attacking him between his Blastia Bane." Blastia Bane
is a move where he sticks his arm in the air and begins to gather Aer
into it. I've never seen it do anything but you need to wait until he
finishes it and then hit him. You've got a very narrow window so
you'll want to time an Azure Storm so that it goes off just as he
finishes hitting him within the 1-2 second window that you have to
knock him down after he completes the move. Zagi uses the move often
if you leave him be you have time to get the timing down and right.

Secret Mission 23 (Duke):
"Defeated Duke using a mystic arte." Do this during the second battle.
It's quite easy really. Just beat him down until he's below 15,000 hp
and then use a mystic arte on him. Easiest way for me was to spam
Tidal Wave with Rita. It locked him in place so he could move and put
Rita in the perfect place to use her Ancient Catastrophe to finish him
off. It's a good move to use since it's one of the most powerful
Mystic Artes.

For anyone that may need this.

Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide IonianNinjas-1Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide Rozencrutz
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Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide Empty Re: Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide

Post by Rozencrutz on Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:09 pm

Alright I need to update something, today I became epic and got Secret Mission 17, I have found the secret to doing this.

Okay as soon as Yeager reveals his heart go into the strategy and set everyone to stay away and not attack no artes NO ANYTHING this will mess up the method.

Using Yuri only, attack Yeager till he starts guarding, then overlimit and destruction field till he starts to flail THEN STOP if you hit him anytime after this will mess up the set up for destroying his blastia, make sure Yuri is also going to run away, and switch to raven and make sure you are looking at Yeager's chest when you do this or have him facing you, he will chase Yuri for two seconds then stagger and clutch his chest, shoot him with Rain only and BAM Secret Mission done.

Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide IonianNinjas-1Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide Rozencrutz
Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide Sig

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Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide Empty Re: Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide

Post by Teddie-ous Individual on Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:04 pm

Wow, this is pretty useful. If I ever play Vesperia again, I'll be sure to give this a try.

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Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide Empty Re: Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission Guide

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